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My Top 10 MAC Eyeshadows

Watching beauty videos on YouTube and reading blogs I have seen lots of Top 10 Favourite posts and videos.  Top 10's (5's, 20's, 30's which ever you wish to choose) are always the kind of posts that suck me and make me want to read and watch more.  So perhaps I can suck you in too by showing you my Top 10 MAC eyeshadows.

I found it hard to pick 10, I have quite a big collection of MAC shadows so to narrow it down was difficult.  Some of these don't look like I've used them at all.  The reason is I'm a bit of a: use one for a day and switch to the next colour the next day kind of girl, so I never really stick to using the same colour for very long.  But these colours below are my top 10 loves...

Now I love them all but some are more loved than the others, as you can can see in the photographic evidence provided LOL.  You'll be pleased to know I'm not showing any limited editions or shades which have come in sets. I think that it is not fair to show you shadows which you cannot buy any more. 

When I show you the colour names it will be in the order top: left to right and bottom: left to right, just so I don't confuse you all.

Top: Soba & Vapour / Bottom: Mystery & Twinks

Soba (Satin) ~ A recent purchase along with Mystery (see below) the way I like to describe this colour is a dirty sandy brown with the slight gold shimmer flowing through it.  I love using this all over the lid with Mystery in the crease.  I use it to create a natural smokey eye as opposed to a grey smokey eye.
Vapour (Velvet) ~ A gorgeous highlighting shade which is slightly pink/skin toned in colour and it has a lovely violet pearl sheen in it.  Perfect for inner corner, brow highlighting.  I have also used this before over Stilas smudge pot in Kitten which is lovely looking.
Mystery (Satin) ~ A dark muted plum brown which I use in the crease.  I find it works well with Soba.  I sometimes use this on my brows too.
Twinks (Veluxe Pearl) ~ A soft deep plum brown with a pearly shimmer in it.  I found it works well with something like Naked Lunch or All That Glitters.

Top: Quarry & Omega / Bottom: All That Glitters & Naked Lunch

Quarry (Matte) ~ This soft muted plum brown is a shadow which I used quite a lot in 2011.  Mainly for crease shading or an all over lid colour if I fancy a smokey plum-brown eye. This is probably in the top 5 shadows as I love it that much.
Omega (Matte) ~ A popular one for eye brows, this beige taupe is another crease or all over the eye lid colour for me. I love using this on my bottom lash line to create a soft smokey eye.  I tend to use this with Quarry a lot.  You can see here a look I have created before if you are interested.
All That Glitters (Veluxe Pearl) ~ My much loved ATG shadow is a pretty champagne/beige colour with a golden pearl that runs through it.  Pretty similar to Stilas Kitten and Urban Decays Sin, so if you have those I wouldn't worry about getting this.  But I would definitely recommend you swatch this on your next visit to a MAC counter.
Naked Lunch (Frost) ~ Not too different to ATG's above, except this is more pinky - skin toned  I love using this over the lid and combining this with Twinks (see above) in the crease.  My love for this is still going strong as I actually used this for my wedding makeup in 2010.

Left side colours are same as above
Top Right: Copperplate / Bottom Right: Silver Ring

Copperplate (Matte2) ~ If you want a one colour smokey day time eye look then I would pick Copperplate.  It's a mid-tone grey which will suit anyone.  As it is a matte it is so easy just to apply all over the lid and the job is done.  I usually will blend the crease with a colour like Cork.
Silver Ring (Veluxe Pearl) ~ Now if you're after a night time smokey eye look then I'd use this.  It is so soft and easy to work with.  It's a lovely medium shade grey with a silver sheen.  As it does have a sheen in it, I find it quite reflective of any light that hits it.  I think that's a good thing as it is a dark colour . . . it doesn't come across too dark and overpowering on the eyes.

So there we go, there are my favourites.  I hope you enjoyed.  Perhaps you could do a post and show me your Top 10's!

Angela xox


  1. Hi your collection of neutral/brown shadows..could you put up swatches too some time? Would be very helpful for a MAC-newbie like me :D

  2. I shall try and write up a post for you :-)

  3. I love All that Glitters, such a great all over the lid colour!
    and Twinks is awesome too! x

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