Sunday, 22 April 2012

When Angela meets Shavata

 . . . A true re-enactment.

On Friday I had my first experience of eyebrow threading.  When I finally chose where I wanted to go (I had been debating between HD Brows, Blink and Shavata) I opted for Shavata with no real reason as to why but it was more convenient.  I called expecting to have to wait forever for an appointment until the lady on the phone said ‘I can fit you tonight if you can make it’.  Yes please was my response. 

If you don’t know what the technique of threading is, it is where you use cotton which has been twisted and it is pulled along the skin.  If you Google you’re bound to find a better explanation than mine!

I didn’t go into this whole process thinking it would be a pain free experience, I knew there would be some discomfort.  So I took my seat at 5.45pm eagerly awaiting what was to come, then up pops this small Indian lady.  I never knew her name as she never told me but she tells me to lie back and she begins. . . see what see is dealing with (a before shot)

I'd stopped plucking knowing I'd get the threading done

Now I thought there’d be a nice consultation about what look I was aiming to achieve.  Wrong!  There was no talking, she literally set to work on me straight away without even a murmur.  Now I’m scared!  She probably took one look at brows and thought ‘lets put the poor child out of her misery and get this over and done with as quick as possible’. 

Anyways eyes closed she gets going and holy molely . . . it hurts.  She is threading me like a woman possessed.  In my mind I’m thinking ‘what on earth is she doing to me?  Is there anything left?’ I do like a full brow, I like mine but I confess they had become a messy and a tad wild.  So she’s still threading away and then I get a serious case of watering eyes.  I’m not crying. . . honest, it just whenever I pluck my brows I either get watering eyes or I sneeze.   I start dabbing my eyes and she asks if I’m OK, suppressing the frog in the throat I let her carry on.

One eyebrow down she moves on to subject number two.  More eye watering and discomfort follow. Once the threading is finished she pulls out the tweezers and removes the ones who are trying to escape her capture.  However it seems the chair has barely warmed up to my body temperature before she announces she is finished.  She wipes my tears and applies a cooling gel and hands me a mirror.  When I look at the reflection I am very pleased and shocked.

This picture was taken the day after, not directly after

Yes I still have felt like she was threading me bare but I was wrong.  The whole process lasts less than 5 minutes, faster than I thought.  I now feel like I have brows to be proud of.  I going to try my hardest to keep them neat and beautiful.  At a cost of £17.00 I think it is expensive especially when some places do it for less than £5!  However I wanted to go with someone well known that's why I chose Shavata.

This is what they look like with some HD Brow powder applied.

Now if you're wondering . . . would I do it again?  The answer is yes.  I now what to expect and besides I'll never let my brows get as bad as before.  However I may look for a cheaper alternative.

Have you ever tried threading?  I just hope I haven't put you off! :-D

Angela xox


  1. Hey hun thanks for ya comment on my blog, and I'm glad you found me as I have a memory like a fish and couldn't find your blog!! Your eyebrows look really good I think I need to invest and have mine done but it'll have to stay on my list of things to do for now :) lol great to meet you at the event hun and love your blog too!xx

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