Monday, 2 April 2012

A little chit-chat!

Happy April everyone!

Thought I'd mention a few things about my blog to keep you in the loop.  As you can hopefully see, I have had a little revamp and just changed my layout ever so slightly (wider and added the left column) nothing too major.

I've tried to make it more user friendly by adding a search the blog option to make it easier to find anything you might be looking for.

I've also on the left hand side added my links to Blog Lovin and Hellocotton, so you can follow me there.  I know I'm a little slow at joining up to these sites.  Sorrrrrry!

Also....yes also I have added my little YouTube link on the right hand side (towards to bottom).  I have ventured on to the YouTube world and yes it is still early days.  I'm not a pro at it just yet and I don't have tonnes of time on my side.  I blog and make videos when I'm not busy with work, the house chores etc.  But I am enjoying it so far :-D

And a final note, thank you for put a smile on my face!
Angela xox

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