Monday, 23 September 2013

Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Mist

If you are a frequent traveller, you'll know how dehydrating your skin can get.  Flying long haul and even short haul can be hard on your skin... however even travelling on the London Underground (Subway or Metro for you non-UK folk :-) ) can also be a yucky business.  Hot... sticky... humid... recycled air... hardly a lovely place to be.  

I always carry a refreshing facial spray when I travel and the one I have been reaching for lately is this one by Simple.  The Moisture Boost Hydro Mist provides a instance moisture fix just when you need it.  The light mist is fast absorbed into the skin and doesn't make you look 'wet' faced.  Full of multi vitamins like vitamin E and pro vitamin B5 and skin loving lotus flower and glycerin.  Not full of any harsh chemical nasties or artificial perfumes this is 'simple' and gentle to the skin.  Hold at arms length from your face, close yours and spray two to three pumps... job done - simple!  Before and after application of makeup and throughout the day, as many times as you like.  Go crazy.

I have used other brands of moisture boosting mist products i.e. Caudalie Beauty Elixir and Vichy Eau Thermal which are both lovely but more expensive.  This is easy to reach for and not a big bulky item to carry around with you.  This palm sized bottle is a must have for me and I'd buy again and again....and it is a travel friendly 50ml bottle size.  Perfect for travelling!  

You can find it anywhere and the price is not going to make your purse strings cry and beg for mercy.  It usually retails for at £5 which you might think is a tad expensive for a little bottle of 'water', but trusty Boots and Superdrug always have Simple on buy three for two offers or buy one get the other half price deals, so you can get this on offer if you shop around.  

Have you tried and mists for the face?  Have are your favourites?



Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tara Smith ~ Base Coat Serum

If you suffer from the nightmare of frizzy hair and haven't yet found a product good enough to handle the challenge... then let me introduce you to my little friend.

Tara Smith Base Coat Serum has been my weapon of choice for my unruly frizziness for a while now.  The serum is a recent repurchase for me so I must be in love to do that!  This smooths and adds shine which I need.

What I really love however is this product (along with all of the Tara Smith products) is that it is 100% vegan and animal cruelty free.  This puts a massive smile on my face as I'm a huge animal lover.  The brand is also produced in the UK which is great as I love to support all things home grown.

As for the serum itself, two pumps (well two for me as I have thick long hair) of this clear silky serum in to the palms of your hands... rub together... then run your hands through the middle section towards the ends of your towel dried hair.  This serum will decrease the amount frizz and will make your hair much more manageable.

Available online and in stores at Marks and Spencer at £14.00.  I have also previously reviewed the Tara Smith Shine On Shampoo and Conditioner which you can have a read here if you wish to.



Monday, 9 September 2013

Seventeen Wild Metallics Eye ~ Wild Purple

Browsing as you do in Boots can be a dangerous thing. There is always something that will catch your eye. This cream eye shadow for instance from Seventeen is one of the those purchases which was just flashing a neon sign above it.

Buy me... Buy me!!  And I did.  

Wild Purple is metallic lilac cream eyeshadow, which I think is Seventeens version of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos.  I swatched this in store and thought the colour was lovely and the metallic finish was nice and eye catching.  I wasn't too sure with the consistency as it felt more like whipped cream/moose rather than a solid cream like the Tattoos/Paint Pots. 

Now for the nitty gritty... Did this last on the lids. Sadly no. This on its own creased like hell. For me this never seemed to set into the skin. So it literally slid into the creases of my eye the first chance it got.

These are wild and cheap, but personally I'd rather save my pennies and buy myself either a Maybelline Colour Tattoo or a MAC Paint Pot as they are totally worth it.  Sadly this is a fail for me and I won't be buying other shades from the range.

Have you tried these...what are you thoughts???



Tuesday, 30 July 2013

ELF ~ Warm Bronzer

It’s funny how some products you are convinced you hate them, then from out of no where it seems to grow on you and you love them.

ELF Warm Bronzer is one of those products i bought a while back and initially there wasn’t much love between us.  Bright Town Girl kept mentioning this was an excellent bronzer on her blog, so i dug mine out once again and the rest is history...  I may have been a slow starter when it came to loving this but I’m making up for it now as i wear this almost daily.

Comprised of four different shades of bronze, this gives the perfect glow to the skin.  Not too dark, not too light, not too shimmery, not too chalky, not too orange, not too matte... it’s just right for my skin tone.  You get the best of all worlds with the difference shades of bronze, but you can just use one shade if you prefer.

I apply mine with a large kabuki brush and it adds to perfect glow.  You can see you are wearing bronzer but once blended in it is very natural and gorgeous.

This bargain costs a mere £3.75 and is available on ELF’s website.  They also sell different shades (Golden and Cool) too!

What is your favourite bronzer?

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Body Shop ~ Vineyard Peach Body Butter

It feels like forever since I had a spurge in The Body Shop, but the other day I thought it was time to change that!  One of the goodies I came away with was their Special Edition Vineyard Peach Body Butter.

Cue the hmmmm’s and ahhhh’s...

If there are any Bath and Body Works fans out there who love their candle Market Peach, well you might want to stop what you’re doing and check this out.  The scent is remarkably similar.  Unfortunately like the Market Peach candle, this Body Butter is not edible... so you have to put your away spoon.

As soon as I got a whiff of this in store I just knew I’d be handing over my hard earned pounds for a tub.  Out of the sample pot I placed a little on the back of my hand and rubbed it in to my skin...then I carried on checking out the store. However every 30 seconds I was sniffing my hand... the more and more I smelt it – the more I knew I loved it.  It left my skin soft and silky but the scent sealed the deal. 

Takes money out of purse... 

A delicate light scent of fresh peaches, perfect for the summer months.  Even the hubby said ‘hmmmm that smells good’ and what do boys usually know about yummy scents???  Not much.

When it comes to application the saying ‘less it more’ is the way to go.  This is a thick Body Butter, so you do not need loads of it, just a little goes a long way and works well.  I think if you went too OTT with the amount you apply it will be too heavy on the skin and will take a while to be absorbed into the skin.  This works well with dry skin and can make you feel hydrated for 24 hours!

A 200ml pot will set you back £13, however when I picked mine up in store (Convent Garden) they had ‘buy one pot get the over half price’.  Now looking online they have a half price offer.  So you might want to hot foot it down to your nearest Body Shop.  If you’re not a fan of Body Butters they also sell a lotion, body wash and a scrub. Click here for the online link.


Friday, 19 July 2013

Barry M Confetti Polish in Marshmallow

When I spotted the Barry M's Confetti line on a recent trip to the shops, I knew I wouldn't leave empty handed.  Remarkably similar to Nails Inc Feather range, Barry M's version is on the cheaper side which is great if you don't feel like spending over £10 on the Nails Inc version.  Marshmallow is a baby pink shade with a few added white shards thrown in for good measure.  It's very girly and cute.

To be honest I'm not sure if I love or hate this.  It's good as a top coat to add a bit of jazz to a manicure but alone to get a good looking application you need 3-4 coats or perhaps even more.  It is very sheer on the application side which is disappointing...  major thumbs down for me I'm afraid.  If you have the time and patients to wait for each coat to dry then maybe give this ago.

Now I've experienced the Confetti line, I wouldn't be buying any more from it. But they are cheap at £3.99, so if you fancy something different give it a go.


Thursday, 18 July 2013

Maybelline Mastershape Brow Pencil

For some time now I have been on the look out for a nice eyebrow pencil.  Don’t get me wrong I love my HD Brow set, but when it comes to travelling around it can become a pain as it’s big and bulky plus I only use one out of the four shades in the set.  Plus it’s on the expensive side.

So a nice brow pencil has been on my list of requirements and I recently picked up the Maybelline Mastershape Brow Pencil in the shade soft brown.  Inexpensive, small and comes with it’s own spooly, I think i have found a winner here.

After a little research, I read on the grape vine from various bloggers and youtubers that this was an item worth investing in.  Usually pencils can look harsh when you apply them but this looks natural.  The pencil is soft and easy to apply and the spooly is a reasonable quality.

This is certainly making me spend a little more TLC on my furry little friends.


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Soap and Glory | Pulp Friction

I think body exfoliation is very important. Removing the dead skin cells lets our skin breath, you also look more fresh and radiant rather than dull and boring.  One of my favourite exfoliators is this one from Soap and Glory called Pulp Friction.

Good enough to eat with it's fig, lemonade, peppermint and orange water juice flavours.  This creamy body scrub gets to work straight away with great results due to it's added pumice.

This is great to use prior to self tanning to make your skin silky smooth.  All you do is on your damp skin, apply this in a circular and you will feel the pink beads and pumice get to work.  A little bit goes a long way.  When you're finish just rise off and ta-daa sexy smooth skin.

Everyone needs this in their life!  £8 for 250 ml...bargain!


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Cheap and Cheerful #1

Sometimes it can be the simplest and most inexpensive beauty items which make us keep coming back again and again.  This can be said for quite a few items I love, especially this one from Superdrug.

I could not tell you how many tubes of this Anti-Bacterial Daily Exfoliating Wash I have purchased in my life time.  It is a cheap and cheerful staple in my life, especially at times when my skin is problematic!

This gel product contains small exfoliating blue beads which cleanse, remove dead skin cells and gets deep in your pores.  This dos not contain Salicylic Acid like most acne and spot treatments.  None of the ingredients make the skin feel stripped and dry.  It is gentle enough for  daily use and it doesn’t strip your skin at all.

For less than £3 for 150ml (£2.59 to be exact)...there is no need to spend a whole lot of cash on other expensive brands!  Just nip down to your local high street!



Saturday, 8 June 2013

Topshop Foundation Brush

I am a typical girl and am attracted to neon pink and makeup brushes.  At an after work trip to Topshop I spotted some fancy makeup brushes which just happened to be bright pink.  I'd never seen them before and the foundation brush caught my eye the most.

It was pink, cute, tiny and had my name written all over it... sold.

This angled stippling style brush is mini which I like as it is perfect for travelling.  The bristles are a mix of natural and synthetic hair.  I have given this a little bath already and it was fast drying.

I've used the brush so far for applying BB Cream and liquid foundation and it works wonders.  I have also found that it fits nicely into the under area... so is great for under eye products.

At £8, I think this is a decent price.  It's a good quality and there has been no shedding (so far).  I'd quite happily look at other brushes available at Topshop.  You can purchase in larger stores and online here.

Angela xox

Friday, 31 May 2013

Smooth Care

It’s not very often you read a blog post by anyone talking about shaving gels.  So I thought I might break the norm and tell you about a recent discovery.

Boots Smooth Care in the scent Fruity Melon and Kiwi was a emergency impulse buy.  I had a personal training at the gym and didn’t fancy my trainer seeing my prickly legs, so I want to get something cheap which got the job done fast.

When I picked this up it was on offer at £1.59 from the usual £2.50 price.  Either price is good for me, I’d quite happily pay £2.50 for this.  Why?  Because it’s a good product.

My legs feel so smooth after using this.  I’ve used so many different gels and soaps on my legs before and I’ve never noticed a silky smooth affect before.  But after using this, I’ve just wanted to keep touching my legs.

The lathe is good but the smell of the foam is the best bit.  It’s yummy and lingers on the skin after you’ve finished and dried off.

So if you’re looking to get your legs looking sexy and smooth for the summer ladies (and gents perhaps) then pop to Boots and pick up this bargain!

Angela xox

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Miss Sporty | Popcorn

Yellow nail polishes can be tricky to pull off.  I always find the consistency of most brands too thin... even after two or three applications.

This Miss Sporty canary yellow polish called Popcorn is a yellow shade which i have been lusting after. It's the perfect creamy yellow, not too bright... not too pale or neon - just perfect.

So I love the colour... what about the application I hear you ask?  A little streaky to apply even after three coats, which is a little frustrating. However if you are willing to live with a little bit of a patchy finish... then you cannot go wrong with the £1.99 polish.

Angela xox

Monday, 27 May 2013

Flower Pharm | Wild Rose Body Wash

I do love finding a good old bargain!

Whilst browsing down the beauty aisles of Tesco, I spotted a brand I'd never seen before called Flower Pharm. I'll admit it was the Cath Kidtson-ques theme of the packaging which made me walk on over to it.

Then... I sniffed it.


If you know me well enough, you'd know I love a floral rosey fragrance.  This stuff smells like the real McCoy...  A vase of fresh cut roses has nothing on this. Maybe 10 vases might come close.  It smells so strong, this may be over powering to some but I personally love a strong floral scent.  You can smell it linger on the skin.  It lathers up well too which is another bonus.

There are four different scents in the Flower Pharm family, including this one.  There is also an array of goodies to choose from ... body wash, butter, scrub and bubble bath.  They all have a reasonable price tag also... Pretty inexpensive at around £3.99.

I'd certainly buy this again! Thumbs up Flower Pharm!!!!

Angela xox

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Cath Collins Devon ~ Oh La La Orange Flower

When I received the email asking if I'd like to sample a fragrance, I was a little hesitant.  From my past experience, I am a bit rubbish at discussing scents in depth - so I was a little concerned when it came to penning this post.

What landed on my door step was this fine beauty.... Oh La La Orange Flower* by Cath Collins Devon.  In all honesty I have never heard of Devon based Cath before, but it is good to experience new things.  The great thing about CCD is all her products are produced here in the UK down in Devon.

When I first opened this I thought the packaging was very cute. A candy cane theme popped to mind with the colour concept and style.  The bottle is sleek and simple with the frosted glass affect, which I like.

So what do I think of it... 

Well initially, I thought it smelt rather cleaning product-ish.  It may sound harsh to describe it in such a manner but this has a overwhelming citrus, grapefruit, orange blossom and bergamot scent with a hint of floral lily and jasmine (again two more strong scents) - it reminded me of a product I'd use to clean my bathroom.  

That isn't a bad thing - I'm merely commenting on the strength and choice of scents used. I am not used to using something so intense and strong.  It actually reminded of Jo Malone and the strength of her products.

Anyway, I'm not generally a zingy citrus perfume lover and after initially turning my nose up at this... It has grown on me.  I find this works a little better for me once the initial spritz has died down and warmed on my skin. The scent lasts on the skin for a good few hours... However you do need to reapply after a while.

You can pick up a 50ml bottle for £35.50 online here at the CCD website.

Angela xox

*PR Sample


Thursday, 25 April 2013

In flight essentials

How'd all!  It has been a while hasn't it?!  Well I have good reasons which I will not go in to as it is a bit on the depressing side.  However I am back today with my In Flight Essentials.  If you didn't know by now (I've raved on enough about it in my videos) I'm currently on a road trip in the USA!  In theory I should maybe done this post before I left the UK, but I'm a frantic packer and the idea of videoing for YouTube or blog posting had me panicking.

My final destination was Las Vegas but we (me and the Hubby) had to make a 2hour pit stop into Atlanta first. It was pretty gruelling... I'm not going to lie. When we arrived in LAS we'd nearly been awake for 24hours straight.  As it was such a long day I did pack a small array of beauty goodies to get me through it.  Below may seem a lot but it was worth lugging it all about in my carry on bag.

So the overall goodies I took were in these cute makeup bags.  The Cath Kidston (on the left) contains no liquids, just essential bits and bobs.  Airline rules state only 100ml or below can be taken on board the plane.  I put all my liquid items into this clear makeup bag (this is part of a three set of bags from Marks and Spencer).  I'll start of with the most obvious item... my tangle teaser hair brush - I say no more.

So inside the clear makeup bag I have this lot...

Tooth brush and paste
Lip balms ... Yes I have two - can never have enough
Caudalie Beauty Elixir to freshen my face in flight
Tooth harps (tooth pick/floss)
Hand sanitizer
Hand cream
Bioderma* and cotton pads
Liz Earle face moisturiser 
Some Muji travel pots with my eye cream and anti wrinkle creams
Botanics BB Cream and L'Oreal Waterproof Mascara
A few random samples from Birchbox
Underarm spray.... I don't want to smell :-)

This lot looks like a bunch of strange items and I didn't even use half of them in flight.  However I know I will need them on my return flight. My essentials are:

Food ... On domestic US flights you have to pay for all food. 
Ear plugs ... Self explanatory I think
Hair bands
My Chanel mirror
Watches and jewellery. I don't like to pack these for obvious reasons (my jewellery is in the white tin)
Minnie Mouse eye mask
Glasses case
Wet wipes and face wipes if I feel like having a mini bath on my travels.

So that's my essentials for travelling.  I hope this gave you some ideas if you are travelling soon.

What are your essentials items??

Angela xox

*PR sample

Friday, 19 April 2013

Friday Favourite #4

Gosh it's been a while since I blessed you with a Friday favourite.  A firm favourite and not just a Friday one is my Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks.

L-R: 111, 107 and 110

I've talked about these a lot... to which you're probably bored senseless!  However these are intense reds that will knock your socks off.  For a drug store these matte lipsticks are incredible.

The staying power is exceptional for a high street lipstick.  The matte texture is non drying and extremely long wearing even with food and drink.  They feel easy to wear and they do not bleed.  These are also great to wear without a lip pencil as they are THAT good.

L-R: 111, 107 and 110

At 5.49 each you'll be nutty to not give at least one of these a whirl.  I actually have separate posts and lip swatches for all of these, so for the 107, 111 and 110 just click the numbers!!

Angela xox

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Primark Beauty Neon Polish

I'm loving neon shades at the moment.  The reason why might be due to the yucky English weather.  There is nothing quite like some fun bright colours to bring some happiness into your day.

The two pink shades apply excellently... two coats and you are good to go.  However the neon green and yellow polishes need a little more of a helping hand with three to four coats as they are on the sheer side.

For a cheap set of four shades these are a great bargain, especially as neon as very 'in' right now.  You can pick these four up in your local Primark for £2. Ooo I do like myself a bargain.

Angela xox


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick ~ 110

You are probably sick and tired of me raving about these Rimmel lipsticks... But I'm going to continue anyway. Ha ha!

If you do not know already I have previously blogged about the Rimmel Matte Lipsticks in the shades 107 and 111... I've now completed my line up of the fabulous matte reds.

Shade 110 is the red hue with a hint of coral running through it.  It is loveeeee for me as I'm loving this well and truly .... I'm head over hills. It's a beautiful red but the coral tone makes it something special.  I'm going to be wearing in the summer for sure.

I'm addicted to these matte lipsticks, they are becoming a favourite.  Like the other colours, this is long lasting too and is an amazing buy from the high street.

I may write up a comparison post for all my Kate Moss lipsticks - watch this space!

Angela xox


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March Favourites

Wow so another month has been and gone and it still isn't spring! Ah!  I'm counting days until my road trip to the US... I cannot wait for a warmer climate.

So I have some random favourites this month. A magazine, cereal and obviously the beauty stuff!

Soap and Glory: I have two goodies which I've been loving this month... Firstly Pulp Friction which a body exfoliator. I've been using this on the back of my legs prepping for shorts for my upcoming holiday. It smells great and works wonders.  My second SandG goody is Foam Call. Using this at shower time is delightful. It's a fruit basket in a tube... It smells so yummy.  And it foams up lovely.

Maybelline Black Drama Mascara: When I initially bought this I hated it and threw it in a draw. About a year or more later I was watching YouTube videos and whoever I was watching was raving about this mascara. So I dragged it out of the draw and gave it a whirl.  And what do you know... I liked it.  Yes it should really be in a trash can due to its age but I'm liking the affect this creates on my lashes.  The only annoying thing is the clumping on the wand but that's no biggy.

Topshop Waterproof Eyeliner: I have the shade Burnished which is a bronzed dark brown hue, this is very long lasting, soft and easy to blend.  It could almost be mistaken for the Rimmel ScandalEyes.

Bioderma Sebium H2O Micelle Solution*: I've used this for a few evenings now as opposed to my Liz Earle. The Sebium Solution is for the oily combo skin folks and makes your skin so soft afterwards.  I like using it best in the AM to refresh my skin after my beauty sleep.

Rimmel 5 in 1 Top and Base Coat: This product is a lazy girls friend. No need for separate bottles for; treating nail problems, a base and top coat... this bottle does everything. Inexpensive and works ... What more can I say?

MAC 239: I've owned this little brush for a while and it's still going strong. MAC brushes last a life time if you treat them with respect... Why do you think some of the worlds best makeup artists use them?  Great for patting on your shade all over the lid... I also like using this on the lash line and in the crease. It's a very versatile brush. Shame about the price tag which is attached to it but still worth it in my eyes.

Sainsbury's Tropical Granola: Ohhhhh I do love a good breakfast and this has been my choice for quite some time now. Fibre packed granola with added dried fruits like coconut, mango, raisins, pineapple and banana this is very yummy and filling! 

Women's Health Magazines: These magazines are not just for gym junkies.  They are full of amazing tips for healthy meal options, what to wear, upcoming events and exercise ideas.  They also throw in the odd interview with a celebrity.  My current loves are Body Fit and Women's Health.

What have you been loving this month?

Angela xox

* PR sample

Monday, 1 April 2013

What's on my bedside table??

I've seen lots of YouTubers film this style of video featuring what's on their bedside table.  I have been meaning to film/blog post mine for quite some time, but never felt it as it looked 'perfect' enough.  After a little dusting and a rearrange, here is what I have on mine.  

As you can see I have a small area to work with.  I have no space for a luxurious vanity area which has all my precious makeup on display.  I don't have the space to play with, as I have to share 'my' room with my hubby of course!

If you want to see a more in depth look into everything I have on my bedside table, I have a video up on my YouTube channel.  If you see that video... You get to see what's in side the draws too!!!!

What's on you bedside table?

Angela xox


Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sleek Sparkle 2 Palette

Sleek is one of those brands I always like the sound of but never seem to get my mitts on.  I have a few items which includes the Original and Storm palettes plus the contour/highlighting kit, which is great and totally worth it by the way.

I'll be truthful when I say I wouldn't of bought the Sparkle 2 myself.  Not because I don't like it but I have so many shadows I'm trying to use up at the moment.  Plus the other palettes are not usually ones I reach for unless i'm doing a tutorial.

I actually received this sparkly gem in my BbloggerXmas Party goody bag. It was a real treat and completely unexpected.  It was nice to receive an item which I didn't already own.

At a mere £7.99 you get 12 highly pigmented shadows with the added touch of sparkly glitter blended in them.  I love the range of shades in the palette. Plenty to create a smokey eye with a twist. You could create some lovely bright looks with the golds and turquoise.

As for the shadows themselves they are a good quality and the pigmentation is excellent for a drug store product.  Some of the shades of more sparkly than others, but they all look great.

Top: Chocolate Penny, Blue Spruce, Mulled Wine, Truffle, Mistletoe, Illusion.
Bottom: Festive, Gold Ribbon, Glitz & glamour, Tinsel, Twinkle, Starry Night

Sleek is certainly a brand I want to discover more of.  You can buy a lot of fun goodies for a fraction of the cost compared to your high end brands (naming no names).  I cannot wait to play and create some looks as I think this is fab.

Do you have any favourite Sleek items?

Angela xox

* Goody bag item

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Who loves the 80s???

In the few weeks I'm off to a hen party which is all about the 80s.  If you Google 80s makeup you will see it's all about bright bold makeup.

I thought I'd try and experiment with a look and this is the result...


Angela xox

Monday, 25 March 2013

Paul and Joe ~ Nail Enamel 17

If you like the NARS blush in Orgasm... then you may want to keep reading.  

This Paul and Joe nail polish in the shade Enamel 17 - Downtown is an excellent dup has all the marking of Orgasm.

The pinky peach polish has a faint gold shimmer which is gorgeous. This is very rose gold and I love it. And the bottle is a master piece... very art deco. All Paul and Joe packaging takes on this look.

Paul and Joe polishes come in a beautiful array of shades but also contain active conditioning properties that care for your fingertips.  Two birds with one stone.

These polishes retail for about £10 each and can be bought from Selfridges, BeautyLand, Beauty Bay and ASOS.

Angela xox

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Seventeen Doll'd Up 3-Way Liquid Eyeliner

If you have not noticed already (where have you been hiding) the lovely beauty brand 17 have had a revamp.  No longer ‘17’, they have upgraded themselves from numbers to letters and become 'Seventeen’.  I think the change is nice, it feels more grown up and it is not a total change  - as opposed to Collection/Collection 2000 (they’ll always be Collection 2000 in my eyes)

Anyways, Seventeen have launched a fab new liner called Doll'd Up 3-Way Liner, which when I saw it initially made me giddy with excitement.  With a resemblance to the Clarins version, Seventeen have blessed us with a cheaper alternative which looks just as promising.

In a sleek like pen applicator, this can be used a number of ways. You can still achieve the usual black 'cat eyeliner' look using this, but with the three little nibs you can also delicately apply to the lower lash line.  

Doing this adds definition to the bottom lashes for a subtle look.  If you were never really a fan of the harsh black liner (Middleton style) then this could be what you are looking for.

What I really like is the formulation   It is wet, but not too wet it takes forever to dry.  It applies smoothly with no tugging or pulling and the pen itself is soft as a feather.  As for the colour, it is the blackest black. 

And all this from the high street at £6.29???  Yes!

The liner on the lower lash line

The lasting powder is very good.  However towards the end of the day (after applying at about 8am) this does start to smudge.  But that's no biggy for me as I have oily skin so I expect a little movement south.  

So is it worth the hype you ask?  Well yes it is.  It is certainly is worth looking at.  It's cheap and great... what's not to like?  Clarins who..?

Angela xox

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Korres | Guava Shower Gel

This Guava shower gel by Korres is literally like taking a shower in a fruit bowl!  Think Herbal Essences and screaming woman... Yes this smells that good!

This is a little bit of a splurge for a shower gel at £8, but if you fancy some down time with a be-good-to-yourself product then I would highly recommend.

With Aloe Vera which has known medical benefits to the skin, wheat proteins which form a cocoon around the skin keeping hydration levels elevated. Wheat kernel contains the highest content of vitamins and minerals. It contains B2 which improves metabolism and aids the absorption of nutrients. B3 promotes healthy skin and B5 contains regenerative properties. So cutting a long story short this isn't just a shower gel, it's a shower gel with good for your body properties hidden inside.

There is a list as long as your arm of information about the ingredients this contains. No parabens, mineral oil, silicons, nuts name it. Plus no animal by-products or testing on them either ... So this is vegan friendly which I love in particular.

Korres is a very natural brand and this shower gel has 91.4% of natural content. Korres are even kind enough to give you packaging facts by stating that all components are recyclable. This is a brand that cares!

This is gentle enough to use daily which I pretty much have been, hence why my bottle is fast becoming empty.  I would gladly buy this again in the future.

Have you ever tried any Korres goodies?

Angela xox
P.S. This my second goody from Korres (my first was the Plum Lipbutters which you see here if you wish)


Monday, 11 March 2013

Real Techniques Travel Essentials

There is nothing I like more these days than my Real Technique Brushes.  I am building up quite a collection.  I think if I had to start again and build my brush collection from scratch, I would opt for RT's.  The Travel Essentials set containing three brushes was something I asked Santa for. Good old Santa did delivery.

Containing three brushes: a foundation, domed eye shadow and a multitasking powder brush.  These as some good brushes... my personal favourite is the multitasking powder brush which I've been using for literally everything from blush, bronzer and powdering my face.  My least favourite is the foundation brush as I don't generally use a pointed brush these days.  However it is still a excellent brush.

Made from synthetic taklon hairs, they are cruelty free to our fluffy animal friends and also when you give these babies a clean they dry super fast.

This is a great collection to own, as are any of the RT collections (the Core and Starter for example).  My only wish is that the foundation brush was more in the style of an expert or buffing brush - as they rock! 

So if I had to recommend this collection, I definitely would do - but it's not essential that you need to own it. The only down side to RT collections is that brushes are not sold individually. The Travel Essentials, Starter and Core collections are great, but there are certain brushes amongst each of the collections that prefer and would like more than one of!

Do you have a favourite RT brush?

Angela xox

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Saturday's FOTD

Yay so I filmed a new video of me slapping my face on yesterday.

It was meant to be up on YouTube on the same day, however due to me being a little cool and figuring out how to do a voice over... The video turned out to be a fatty at over 1GB.

Nearly FOUR HOURS later it finally uploaded at about 2am and after a little check to see if all good - here it is!!!!!

Enjoy and have a great Sunday!!!!

Angela xox


Sunday, 3 March 2013

February Favourites

Guess who is back?  It is I! 

This February I took a break from the blogging world to concentrate on me.  I don't want to force blog posts if I'm not in the mood or they'll be rubbish.  After a rest, I am now back.

The first post in March of course would be my February favourites...

Botanics Microdermabrasion Polish Radiant Youth hands down is my favourite skin care product... ever!  I wish we'd met long before now.  It is amazing at giving you silky baby soft skin and getting rid of the grime hidden in your pores.  Review here if you fancy a look.

Botanics BB Cream Radiant Youth is the best BB cream I have ever tried so far!  Light and gives amazing coverage at the same time!  Perfect for those days where we don't want to cake on our foundation.  What more do we need ladies and gents?!?

Soap and Glory Hand Food has been my saviour for my hands.  My hands have been suffering because of the gym and I had little calluses form from using too many heavy dumbbells!  This stuff has been working wonders on them.  Plus it smells so good, you could eat it... but don't try to please :-p

L'OrĂ©al Shine Caresse Glosses in Romy, Eve and Princess have not really left my lips all of February.  The stains last for hours and are very glossy looking without being too sticky.  The three shades I have are very wearable.  They need the occasional touch up but are simply lovely.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is overtaking the buffing and stippling brush as the ultimate foundation brush. Flawless application is achieved every time I use this and I love it!  Certainly worth the investment.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette has been my go to palette of shadows for February - as well as my NARS Isolde eyeshadow duo... yes I still love it.  I was and still am a big fan of the original naked Palette and I seriously don't know what took me so long to buy this!

ELF Warm Bronzer was something I initially didn't like and was planning to sell.  But after hearing some good things about it I changed my mind.  A little bit of this goes a long way.  The right amount of shimmer and golden glow is in this bargain product.

Benefit Hervana Blush was another product which I wasn't head over heels in love with initially   But it has been a grower and I like this little box.  A subtle pink which looks very English rose and delicate on the cheeks. Love love love.

Seventeen Doll'd Up Three Way Eyeliner is definitely going to be high street/drug store hit... A dupe for the Clarins version and about £15 cheaper. If you watch the video below you can see swatches on my hand and you'll understand why I'm loving this.

Seventeen Doll'd Up Curl Mascara is great mascara for keeping a curl and you do look all dolled eyed wearing this.  This is the first Seventeen mascara I have ever tried and I'm liking it lots.

Essie Chinchilly is the perfect neutral beige grey shade. Great for every day wear.  If you're a lover of Nails Inc Porchester Square I think you'd love this beaut!

Rimmel 5 in 1 Top and Base Coat is a cheap product which hits a lot of excuse the pun nails on the head in one sweep.  A base coat, treatment and top coat in one bottle.  This is the perfect item for those of you wanting one product does all.

So that's everything.  I have also uploaded a YouTube version if you want to have a peek!

What have you been loving lately?

Angela xox

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