Saturday, 16 March 2013

Korres | Guava Shower Gel

This Guava shower gel by Korres is literally like taking a shower in a fruit bowl!  Think Herbal Essences and screaming woman... Yes this smells that good!

This is a little bit of a splurge for a shower gel at £8, but if you fancy some down time with a be-good-to-yourself product then I would highly recommend.

With Aloe Vera which has known medical benefits to the skin, wheat proteins which form a cocoon around the skin keeping hydration levels elevated. Wheat kernel contains the highest content of vitamins and minerals. It contains B2 which improves metabolism and aids the absorption of nutrients. B3 promotes healthy skin and B5 contains regenerative properties. So cutting a long story short this isn't just a shower gel, it's a shower gel with good for your body properties hidden inside.

There is a list as long as your arm of information about the ingredients this contains. No parabens, mineral oil, silicons, nuts name it. Plus no animal by-products or testing on them either ... So this is vegan friendly which I love in particular.

Korres is a very natural brand and this shower gel has 91.4% of natural content. Korres are even kind enough to give you packaging facts by stating that all components are recyclable. This is a brand that cares!

This is gentle enough to use daily which I pretty much have been, hence why my bottle is fast becoming empty.  I would gladly buy this again in the future.

Have you ever tried any Korres goodies?

Angela xox
P.S. This my second goody from Korres (my first was the Plum Lipbutters which you see here if you wish)



  1. Oooh sounds lovely! I'm addicted to soap and glory shower gels at the moment, especially clean on me! Have you tried korres lip butter? Theyre supposed to be good!

    I'm having an INTERNATIONAL mac lipstick giveaway, you only need to like a photo!

  2. I have a travel size of this but I am yet to try. looking forward to it now though. You should check out TK Maxx for Korres products they always have loads in there for half price. x


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