Monday, 23 September 2013

Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Mist

If you are a frequent traveller, you'll know how dehydrating your skin can get.  Flying long haul and even short haul can be hard on your skin... however even travelling on the London Underground (Subway or Metro for you non-UK folk :-) ) can also be a yucky business.  Hot... sticky... humid... recycled air... hardly a lovely place to be.  

I always carry a refreshing facial spray when I travel and the one I have been reaching for lately is this one by Simple.  The Moisture Boost Hydro Mist provides a instance moisture fix just when you need it.  The light mist is fast absorbed into the skin and doesn't make you look 'wet' faced.  Full of multi vitamins like vitamin E and pro vitamin B5 and skin loving lotus flower and glycerin.  Not full of any harsh chemical nasties or artificial perfumes this is 'simple' and gentle to the skin.  Hold at arms length from your face, close yours and spray two to three pumps... job done - simple!  Before and after application of makeup and throughout the day, as many times as you like.  Go crazy.

I have used other brands of moisture boosting mist products i.e. Caudalie Beauty Elixir and Vichy Eau Thermal which are both lovely but more expensive.  This is easy to reach for and not a big bulky item to carry around with you.  This palm sized bottle is a must have for me and I'd buy again and again....and it is a travel friendly 50ml bottle size.  Perfect for travelling!  

You can find it anywhere and the price is not going to make your purse strings cry and beg for mercy.  It usually retails for at £5 which you might think is a tad expensive for a little bottle of 'water', but trusty Boots and Superdrug always have Simple on buy three for two offers or buy one get the other half price deals, so you can get this on offer if you shop around.  

Have you tried and mists for the face?  Have are your favourites?



Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tara Smith ~ Base Coat Serum

If you suffer from the nightmare of frizzy hair and haven't yet found a product good enough to handle the challenge... then let me introduce you to my little friend.

Tara Smith Base Coat Serum has been my weapon of choice for my unruly frizziness for a while now.  The serum is a recent repurchase for me so I must be in love to do that!  This smooths and adds shine which I need.

What I really love however is this product (along with all of the Tara Smith products) is that it is 100% vegan and animal cruelty free.  This puts a massive smile on my face as I'm a huge animal lover.  The brand is also produced in the UK which is great as I love to support all things home grown.

As for the serum itself, two pumps (well two for me as I have thick long hair) of this clear silky serum in to the palms of your hands... rub together... then run your hands through the middle section towards the ends of your towel dried hair.  This serum will decrease the amount frizz and will make your hair much more manageable.

Available online and in stores at Marks and Spencer at £14.00.  I have also previously reviewed the Tara Smith Shine On Shampoo and Conditioner which you can have a read here if you wish to.



Monday, 9 September 2013

Seventeen Wild Metallics Eye ~ Wild Purple

Browsing as you do in Boots can be a dangerous thing. There is always something that will catch your eye. This cream eye shadow for instance from Seventeen is one of the those purchases which was just flashing a neon sign above it.

Buy me... Buy me!!  And I did.  

Wild Purple is metallic lilac cream eyeshadow, which I think is Seventeens version of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos.  I swatched this in store and thought the colour was lovely and the metallic finish was nice and eye catching.  I wasn't too sure with the consistency as it felt more like whipped cream/moose rather than a solid cream like the Tattoos/Paint Pots. 

Now for the nitty gritty... Did this last on the lids. Sadly no. This on its own creased like hell. For me this never seemed to set into the skin. So it literally slid into the creases of my eye the first chance it got.

These are wild and cheap, but personally I'd rather save my pennies and buy myself either a Maybelline Colour Tattoo or a MAC Paint Pot as they are totally worth it.  Sadly this is a fail for me and I won't be buying other shades from the range.

Have you tried these...what are you thoughts???



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