Friday, 24 June 2011

Sleek Pout Polish (Blog Sale)

Last night I popped into Superdrug to pick up some essentials on the way home from work. I walked past the Sleek Makeup stand and popped this in my basket as something extra...

Pout Polish Lip Conditioner in Powder Pink 942

I’ve heard a lot of beauty gurus give these Pout Polishes the thumbs up and I’m not the kind of girl who likes to be left behind. So I thought I’d give you my thoughts, first the good ones:

• It only costs £4??, for a drug store item this is an OK-ish price in my books.
• You get a lot of product for your money a whole 10grams/0.34oz.
• They come in a range of colours from coral, light and dark pinks and red.
• The pigmentation is surprisingly good for some of the pout pots.
• It contains SPF 15, we like to care and protect our bodies.
• Small ‘sleek’ packaging, could easily take this in a small clutch bag
• It conditions your lips to make them as soft as a babies bottom!
• Glossy lips with the pigmentation of a lipstick, who would complain??

Well I can...LOL!

• The taste, I don’t like it...just tastes chemically on your lips which is just a bit nasty in my eyes.
• The smell. Smells the same as they taste... yuck yuck yuck!

Would I buy any more of these?
Honestly I wouldn’t. The taste is vile and i actually had to wipe it off my lips and drink water to get rid of the taste. I can’t personally stand it. It is my own fault for not testing the product on my lips whilst i was in store, I only tested it on the back of my hand as i’m a bit of a hygiene freak.

If Sleek added a nice scent and taste, these pots would be by far MUCH better. The price is excellent for us drug store worshippers, the colour range is spot on, but the taste and smell is NOT desirable ...not for me anyway. I actually might blog sale mine if anyone wants it? Only swatched once.

Have you ever tried these? Am I the only one who hasn’t fallen head over hills with this product?

Angela xox

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and i was not told be any PR to say a word, all thoughts are my own. I purchased this with my own money too! Just so you know!!! Byez

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Jewellery Haul with Thirteen Jewellery

Thought I'd do a small shout out to a new up and coming online jewellery store called Thirteen Jewellery.  I found these guys on good old twitter.  I purchased two bits and they arrived yesterday.  When I ripped open the padded envelope I found this little sweet thing....

Such cute cute packaging.
 LOVE the way this was packaged.  They really made the effort to present this nicely, gold star for effort and gold star for cute cute cute!  Inside the little butterfly bag, both pieces were wrapped individually in tissue paper.  Thumbs up for that too!!!

Cute little parcels

I only ordered two items... firstly I'll show you the cute owl necklace...

Bronze looking owl with dark magical eyes...

I think this looks so sweet.  I've heard that owls are very in this season....she only costs £7.00 which I think is amazing value.  Comes with a 100cm chain also, so it is quite long...which personally I favour.  This is what the necklace looks like on...

Nice long chain (it can be adjusted)
I also ordered these super super cute earrings.  I love the half diamante and half black effect ... I think they are a bit like art deco style. 
These are for pierced ears...just an fyi :-)
For £5.00 these are a nice size against your ear, not too big nor too small.  They are just slightly bigger than a cent or a penny coin.  They are not heavy either so no pulling on your ear lopes.
How they look..

Thirteen Jewellery is new as they only recently launched.  They are relatively small at the moment, but they get new lines in all the time.  So check in regularly for updates on new items (twitter is the best for that :-)).  All their pieces are pretty decent, nothing too expensive.  I only spent £12.00 on my little haul.  Cool thing if you are living in the UK, Thirteen Jewellery will send you your purchase for free.  Yes no P&P!!!!  Sadly at the moment if you don't in the UK, they don't currently ship anywhere else.  That might change though, who knows.

Check them out!!!!

You can visit Thirteen Jewellery at their website here or you can follow them on twitter I do!!

Angela xox

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