Monday, 22 June 2015

Currently Wearing #1

Hello long time no blog post.  I was recently on my holidays and decided to take a break.  I did plan to do a holiday series but a break entirely felt like a much better option.   So now I'm back plus we have a name change. My social media ie twitter and instagram have also been updated along with my Bloglovin.  I would love and appreciate it very much if you keep following me on the blogging journey.   

Any way on to the post. 

I have brought a new series to the blog and like the title suggests it's basically a what I'm currently wearing post.  It can be beauty, fashion, perfume and all that good stuff. 

The first installment is from Rimmel London and it's their BB Creams 9 in 1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup.  This was the 'it' base for me on my holiday.  Light coverage which is buildable to a medium if you so wish.  It has nine amazing benefits, some of those being moisturising, blurring imperfections, mattifying, priming and protecting the skin. 

With SPF 25 this is great at protecting the skin from harmful affects of the sun whilst providing a fantastic base and coverage.  There is a lack of shade choice which is pretty standard from Rimmel to be honest but at £6.99 it's certainly worth a try. 

If you fancy natural glowing makeup for your holidays or your a teenage wanting to try a base for the first time then I completely recommend this. 

I love to use mine with my beauty blender or my hands to apply this just to let you know  :-) 



Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Something New

Change is good right??

If you're reading this and have followed my blog for a while, then you'll know by the title of my blog that we have now changed names.  It was fun to write under the name Jolly.Beach.Ang for so many years, however I have been meaning to try something new for a long time.  Jolly.Beach.Ang was always a strange name ... plucking it from complete randomness.  It actually came from the holiday resort Jolly Beach in Antigua in case you ever wondered.  The weird things my little precious mind will come up with....!!!

So without further a do RIP Jolly.Beach.Ang and Hello .. Just Call Me Angela 

It's been a slight up hill struggle due to me attempting to actually find a name.  I had a names then someone decided they wanted it for themselves.  Always the way!

This is the result of change.  I hope you like.


Monday, 1 June 2015

Life Lately #05.15

This life lately post is a bit random as half of it was written in the departures gate at the airport and the other half whilst in foreign land far far away.  Italy is pretty far right??  This is a little late being posted because - (1) I'm on my holidays and (2) Internet is a tad none existent.

I don't have the usual lists of everything that I've been up to in May like previous months (see links below) as this month has been more focused on travel and not a huge range of things.

This has played a big part this month as I knew my holiday was coming up. We (I mean I) came up with the backpacking idea and it's such a cool way to see Europe.  If only I had more time.  I will put up more travel posts but so far it has been amazing.  However I'm a little sunburnt in places...oops.

May is the first time this year I've taken annual leave from work and boy I think my mind and soul are happier because if it.  I'm a all work no play type of girl and it was beginning to show that my body couldn't take much more.  I need to take time out more often for me.

I keep having the inner debate with myself about giving up blogging on this site.  There is so much competition now days it's difficult to get a look in.  I wish I could dedicate more time but with a full time job on top I must admit it's a struggle.  With the travel blog now in existence I may give that more of my time.  I'm not sure anyone reads this blog anyways anymore. Sigh!!

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