Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Yummy Healthy Pancakes!!

I do love me myself some pancakes. I love them so much, that if I had to have one last meal on this earth I would probably pick pancakes.

When people hear the word pancakes they will always assume a naughty breakfast, however with the help of Casey from Blogilates .... I have now found the path to healthy pancakes.

So I'm spreading the healthy pancake recipe love and sharing with you guys in case you want try them yourself.

So what you'll need is one ripe banana and two eggs.  That's it.

I have Perfect Fit Protein Powder pictured also, as now and again I like to add at least have a packet to give myself a little sumthink sumthink extra.

So how to make these yummy pancakes.  The ingredients here will make two large or three to four small pancakes just for reference.  I'm planning to make two medium size pancakes here...

So what you want to do is (from left to right in the pictures)

1. Crack your two eggs into a bowl
2. Mush your ripe banana into the same bowl.  (it must be ripe... a green hard banana will not work -  take it from me!!!)
3. Add your protein powder if you wish - optional of course.
4. Mash it up with a whisk.  I find whisking is best as using a blender makes the mixture too smooth.  I like bits of banana in my pancakes.

I sometimes like to add a dash of cinnamon to my mixture for taste.

When it comes to cooking I heat (a medium heat) my pan with fry light/cooking spray then pour my mixture in (not all of it).  I slowly let it cook.  You'll see bubbles appear, the outer edge will change colour slightly and the mixture will not jiggle so much when you move the pan.  Once these all happen, you can flip your pancake over to cook the other side.  The other side will not take as long to cook as the first side.  

Once the other side is cooked, I like to serve it with a little maple syrup and fresh fruit.


Monday, 28 April 2014

Current Favourites

So this post doesn't really require an intro, I think the title speaks for itself.  Things I am loving right now... let's get on with the show!!!

1.  The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter
This body butter excites me.  It makes me go all giddy and squeally when I see it in TBS.  I have issues - can you tell?  It is just so yummy, lovely, beautiful... just frigging amazzzing!  The smell is just (I will take a moment), it just smells peachy.  Obvious I know but this just is soooo good.  Go to TBS and have a smell, trust me it's stunning.

2.  The Body Shop Mango Body Mist
I never intended to purchase this originally, I actually thought this was the Vineyard Peach scent, then once I got home I was like 'Nooooo!!!!'.  However this mistake is forgotten as I like this luscious mango scent.  I'm a big fan of the mango so I don't mind smelling like one.  I'll be honest I would choose Vineyard Peach over this but this is a very close second place.

3.  NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner Via Veneto
Tut tut to Missglamorazzi for this, she made me do it.  But you know what I am glad she did push me to buy it.  Hands down one of the best liners I have tried.  This doesn't move - at all! Tight lining my upper water line is so easy with this, but the main thing which excites me is the lower lash line.  It doesn't head south which is a miracle.

4.  Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Colour Retro Pink
Is it a lipstick? A balm?  A gloss?  Who cares!  Lasts a good amount of time on the lips, a beautiful colour and not sticky.  Hurrrah!!!  If I didn't have millions of lip products already I'd be very tempted to buy more but for now I'll stick to this.  Ohhh I love it so much, just that perfect everyday pink.

5.  MAC Mineralised Blush Warm Soul
When it's this time of the year I always seem to gravitate towards this.  It gives that perfect glow to the cheeks without seeming to bronzed.  You just have a healthy look to your complexion, as this has a very subtle hint of peach.  It also have a faint sheen to it, not to shimmery or glittery.  Just the perfect glow which I am addicted to.

6.  L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Amber Rush
Another item which I just keep reaching for.  I love the fact that this is just so easy to use. Primed eye lids, a MAC 217 brush, one sweep... BOOM you're done!  Oh one bad thing, this shade is not available in the UK.  Grab yourself a tissue ladies.  We do have some colours here in the UK but this is a US buy. Curse word alert... darn it!!  A rather wearable rosey gold metabllic which lasts for ever on the lids.  I must get my hands on more of these.

So that's what I'm loving, how about you???



Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Sunday Roast

Sundays are all about the roast dinner and my hubby is getting pretty good at making them.  I know he'll read this with a smile.

Usually the good old English roast is chicken, beef or lamb - however today we had pork belly and it was amaze-balls!  I licked the plate clean almost.

We kept it simple, a few roast potatoes, some white cabbages and cooked cherry tomatoes.  You've got to load up on your vegetables, they are good for you after all.  This recipe is actually quite healthy (if you avoid eating the crackling).

So I suppose you're thinking how to cook this??

When choosing your meat, choose a nice bit of pork belly from a good butcher, preferable free range and rare breed, weighing about 1.3kg.  Take the pork belly out of the fridge about 1 hour before you want to cook it, to allow it to come to room temperature.

Firstly turn on your oven and put it on the hottest setting to let it warm up.

Using a sharp knife (it has to be very sharp) score the skin in a diamond pattern cutting the skin, but being careful not to cut the actual meat, and rub in sea salt.  Pour and rub in some olive oil then lay the meat on top of a layer of vegetables.  You can use vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic and onions.  Use anything you fancy.  Also sprinkle on some freshly ground black pepper and herbs like rosemary, thyme or creative!

Place your oven tray into your very hot oven for 10-15 minutes or until the skin of the belly starts to bubble and is golden brown.  Once this happens, turn down your oven temperature to 170c/gas mark 3 and roast for 1 1/2 hours.  Remember to set the timer!

In the last half an hour of cooking the meat, boil a pot of water and place white cabbage in to cook. Once cooked, stain the water and serve.

Once your oven timer beeps, remove the meat from the oven.  Slice the meat in to your desired serving sizes and also use the vegetables in the oven tray.

You are now finished and ready to eat.  Yummy!

I admit I ate the crackling.  I know it's not the best thing to eat but it isn't too often I eat meals like this, so I think I am allowed.

I hope you enjoyed this.  Is this recipe something you would try?


Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Little Tiger Haul

I love Tiger, I always seem to exit that store with something.  It can't be helped... honest!

Tiger is one of my favourite places for little cute nick-nacks or inspirations to get creative... You can buy items such as yarns, crouchet hooks, glue guns, glitter, paint and art canvases.  Also home goods like mixing bowls, spoons, umbrellas for your cocktails, spices for cooking, candles...oven gloves!

Trust me when I say... if you enter a Tiger store - I very much doubt you will leave empty handed.

So what did I buy on my recent trip?

Oven gloves.  A self explanatory item which I don't think you need me to go into much detail about. But I will say they were very cute and the colour caught my beady eye. Expensive? Nope £3.99...oh yay... You know I love a bargain.


A knitted owl Iphone cover.  This little creature needed a new home I mean look at him???  He will be giving my new camera some loving.  Annoyingly some new cameras don't come with cases and I refuse to pay mega bucks, so this cutie will do just fine.  £3.99 again and he will do just nicely keeping clean, protecting my camera from dents and sctaches.  

And finally hanging storage for my bathroom.  I have been looking for something like this for years and finally I find what I need.  It pays to hold out for the perfect item. We have limited storage in our shower area so this will be a life saver.  Again not expensive... £3.99. I know it my sound sad but I cannot wait to hang this up!!! The basket can store shampoos etc and we can hang our sponges on the hooks.  I'm so excited.  Yes yes - sad I know.

So does Tiger sound up your street? Find your nearest Tiger store right here!!!!


Monday, 14 April 2014

Spring cleaning on Jolly.Beach.Ang

Once upon a time there used to a girl and as time passed by that girl grew into a woman.  That woman is moi!

When I started this blog way back in 2010 (yes we are that old) I was this obsessed with beauty products kind of girl.  I still am a little, but like a flower I have grown and changed over time and things are a little different.  I have new interests.

Jollybeachang required an overhaul.  For a while in my AWOL period I debated with myself whether to scrap this site and start a new.  A clean slate.  But instead of that, the plan is evolve, develop and branch out instead if walking away.  

So here's the deal, you'll notice new tabs on my new layout.  You like???  They show fitness, beauty, fashion, decor, food and life.  These are my interests and I want you guys to be a part of that. Hence why I am staying put here and not starting a new.

I will still blog about beauty so don't worry, but I will also blog about the other things I love.  The tab names are a indicator to my interests.  

I will also develop my YouTube in the same manner.  (Yes I make videos... Did you not know that???  Link here).  There are only so many beauty videos a girl can make you know and again I want to branch out.

So that is all everyone.  Let me know your thoughts.  Is there anything you'd like to see on this blog?  Do you like the new layout and style.  Feel free to tell me :-)

Have a good day guys!!


Saturday, 12 April 2014

Reorganising The Kitchen Drawers

Clutter drives me a bit potty, when I see it around the house it just makes me turn green and steam will start coming out of my ears.

When we were finally allowed to move our things back in to our kitchen there was one draw which became the utensil dumping ground.


This weekend I popped out to TK Maxx and Home Sense as I knew they would hold the key for a happier and less messy kitchen draw.

Say hello to the saviours.   

These inexpensive clear plastic containers were exactly what I was looking for.  They have little rubber feet to stop them moving around when you open and close the draw.

They are easy to clean which is great, plus they had a few different sizes so I could mix and match to get the desired organisation I wanted.  It couldn't of gone any better, it's exactly how I envisioned it.

Clutter free!

I totally recommend TK Maxx and Home Sense if you are looking for unique storage ideas. They are my two favourite stores. This all in all cost just under £11 to make this draw less stressful and more useful. You can also use these containers in numerous other ways. Perhaps to organise your makeup collection?

These are by a company called Inter Design and you can find these on Amazon right here.

Do you have any organising tips and tricks?



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