Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Yummy Healthy Pancakes!!

I do love me myself some pancakes. I love them so much, that if I had to have one last meal on this earth I would probably pick pancakes.

When people hear the word pancakes they will always assume a naughty breakfast, however with the help of Casey from Blogilates .... I have now found the path to healthy pancakes.

So I'm spreading the healthy pancake recipe love and sharing with you guys in case you want try them yourself.

So what you'll need is one ripe banana and two eggs.  That's it.

I have Perfect Fit Protein Powder pictured also, as now and again I like to add at least have a packet to give myself a little sumthink sumthink extra.

So how to make these yummy pancakes.  The ingredients here will make two large or three to four small pancakes just for reference.  I'm planning to make two medium size pancakes here...

So what you want to do is (from left to right in the pictures)

1. Crack your two eggs into a bowl
2. Mush your ripe banana into the same bowl.  (it must be ripe... a green hard banana will not work -  take it from me!!!)
3. Add your protein powder if you wish - optional of course.
4. Mash it up with a whisk.  I find whisking is best as using a blender makes the mixture too smooth.  I like bits of banana in my pancakes.

I sometimes like to add a dash of cinnamon to my mixture for taste.

When it comes to cooking I heat (a medium heat) my pan with fry light/cooking spray then pour my mixture in (not all of it).  I slowly let it cook.  You'll see bubbles appear, the outer edge will change colour slightly and the mixture will not jiggle so much when you move the pan.  Once these all happen, you can flip your pancake over to cook the other side.  The other side will not take as long to cook as the first side.  

Once the other side is cooked, I like to serve it with a little maple syrup and fresh fruit.


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