Saturday, 12 April 2014

Reorganising The Kitchen Drawers

Clutter drives me a bit potty, when I see it around the house it just makes me turn green and steam will start coming out of my ears.

When we were finally allowed to move our things back in to our kitchen there was one draw which became the utensil dumping ground.


This weekend I popped out to TK Maxx and Home Sense as I knew they would hold the key for a happier and less messy kitchen draw.

Say hello to the saviours.   

These inexpensive clear plastic containers were exactly what I was looking for.  They have little rubber feet to stop them moving around when you open and close the draw.

They are easy to clean which is great, plus they had a few different sizes so I could mix and match to get the desired organisation I wanted.  It couldn't of gone any better, it's exactly how I envisioned it.

Clutter free!

I totally recommend TK Maxx and Home Sense if you are looking for unique storage ideas. They are my two favourite stores. This all in all cost just under £11 to make this draw less stressful and more useful. You can also use these containers in numerous other ways. Perhaps to organise your makeup collection?

These are by a company called Inter Design and you can find these on Amazon right here.

Do you have any organising tips and tricks?



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