Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Vineyard Peach Collection

Whilst out shopping this weekend, me and the hubby were in the search for food.  On our way to the food court, we walked past The Body Shop. They were displaying in the window the new Raspberry products I'd heard Fleur rave about, so naturally I dragged my hubby in.

I gave the products a sniff and was not particular bowed over and that was the end of it.  I didn't need anything else, so we made our way to the exit then I spotted this...

Vineyard Peach Gift Set - RRP £15 

To say I did a girly excited dance is an understatement (my hubby as my witness).  When I saw TBS had brought Vineyard Peach back I just got a little over excited.  The hubby then grabbed what I was getting so worked up about and dashed to the tills and bought it for me.  Got a love him!

For £15 you get a full sized body butter, body mist and shower gel.  The body butter alone works out to £13, so by doing a calculation in your heads you'll know this is one heck of an offer.

If you know me by now you'll know I love this scent, I reviewed the body butter last year here.  So if you want to smell like a fresh peach this is the way to go about it!  I'd pop in to store to buy this as it doesn't seem to be online ... boo!!!


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