Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Easy Bean Chickpea Crispbread

I usually have an addiction for handbags, makeup and all things pretty.  However I now have a food addiction for these...

The Easy Bean Chickpea Crispbreads... ahhhh I love these.  I first spotted these at the Be Fit London event in March.  Their stand had samples and boy did I love them.  Straight away I scooped up 6 boxes.

I especially love Mungbean with Chive and Seeds with Black Pepper.  They are so more-ish, I have to tell myself to stop eating them or I'll eat the entire pack.  They also sell a third flavour called Moroccan Spice.

Easy Bean is an British brand where they produce their healthy chickpea crispbreads in a Somerset bakery.  They are full of natural ingredients sourced from local farms.  They are also jam packed with seeds which provide a healthy source of omega oils.  Plus they are high in fibre which we all know what that does ;-)

I love eating mine with avocado mashed on top.  It's easy to prepare and tastes so good.  I also like putting pieces of chicken between two slices and making a 'sandwich'.

I have found these are great if you are trying to eat clean, as they are made from few ingredients.  And they are very filling.  They are also get the seal of approval for vegetarians!!

I buy mine at Holland and Barrett and I have also seen them at my local farm shop.  You can also buy them in packs of 4 from Amazon.  If you want to find out more about Easy Bean and their products click here.



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  1. I've seen these around and look delicious but I wish they were dairy free so I could have them ;-(


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