Sunday, 1 June 2014

Lace, Curls & Sparkle

There is nothing quite like a fresh hair cut is there?  My hair was needing some TLC badly.  In my attempt to grow it out to get it longer, I'd let the ends become a bushy messy.  Not a sexy look!

Cue a visit to my faithful hair dresser Vanessa.  It is strange that she just seems to know what to do with my hair.  I tell her what I want and she makes it happen just like magic.  It just so happens that the magic happen on the afternoon before date night.

Let the new hair pictures commence....

I had my usual trim, layering my hair at the bottoms due to the thickness of my barnet.  Without layering my hair would be so thick and just one big bush!

How the curls were created was by blow drying straight with a large round bristle brush.  Then using a slim line straighteners, she pulled the straightener through the hair and started to turn it it towards the ends of the hair.  Once each curl was born it then got a spray of hairspray to hold the curl in place.

Once all the curls were created, a texturising balm was roughly run through my hair to make it look more natural.

Let's just say I love it and wish my hair looked this good on a daily basis.  Sighhhh!

As it was date night, I also treated myself to a new top and a bit of bling.  Nothing too expensive or fancy... it all came to under £20!  I like looking good without having to spend a whole months wage. 

The necklace is not something I'd usually wear, however it just caught my eye with it's faux diamonds and minty colour.  It's unlike anything I own and I thought it would be great for laying over a simple top.  Plus it will look great this summer with tanned skin.

The top is a light baby pink shade t-shirt with lace detailing on the shoulders and chest area.  I love simple clothing but the added lace really makes it a little bit more girly... especially as it is date night.

Top | H&M - £7.99 ... link here
Necklace | Forever 21 - £10.65 ... link here
Jeggings (not pictured) | Dorthy Perkins - £20.00 ... link here

I hope this post might inspires you for your date night, whether it be with the boy or with your girlfriends :-)


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