Saturday, 7 June 2014

Flowers Make Me Happy

Sometimes life can be very rush rush and we don't have time to sit back and enjoy things.  Half the time I personally feel like I'm out of the house either travelling to and from work, working or at the gym.  I am tempted to retire at the age of thirty, so I can actually enjoy life a little more.

The one thing that instantly makes me feel happy when I am at home are fresh flowers.  I think they bring such a happy energy in to the home.  Do I sound crazy...?

I know for some people having fresh flowers is seen as extravagant.  Flowers can be quite expensive depending on what you buy and where you buy them.  I usually buy my purchases at the supermarket or even markets...If you're buying from Selfridges or Harrods you could probably understand the expensive.

I have even bought roses from Aldi... a small bunch for £3 and they lasted over a week.  Not bad really when you think about it.  You just have to shop in the right places.

I do not buy flowers all the time, I usually start to buy them in the spring time when the Daffodils start arriving - they are one of my favourites.

Peonies are also a favourite buy unfortunately for me they never last that long.  So love them as long as you can.  Plus there are roses too which are just beautiful.

I love this idea of just one flower head in a vase or bottle...if you are lucky enough to have a garden you could pick one flower and make an instance change to your home.

Are you a flower lover?  What are you favourites??



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