Monday, 27 May 2013

Flower Pharm | Wild Rose Body Wash

I do love finding a good old bargain!

Whilst browsing down the beauty aisles of Tesco, I spotted a brand I'd never seen before called Flower Pharm. I'll admit it was the Cath Kidtson-ques theme of the packaging which made me walk on over to it.

Then... I sniffed it.


If you know me well enough, you'd know I love a floral rosey fragrance.  This stuff smells like the real McCoy...  A vase of fresh cut roses has nothing on this. Maybe 10 vases might come close.  It smells so strong, this may be over powering to some but I personally love a strong floral scent.  You can smell it linger on the skin.  It lathers up well too which is another bonus.

There are four different scents in the Flower Pharm family, including this one.  There is also an array of goodies to choose from ... body wash, butter, scrub and bubble bath.  They all have a reasonable price tag also... Pretty inexpensive at around £3.99.

I'd certainly buy this again! Thumbs up Flower Pharm!!!!

Angela xox

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