Thursday, 25 April 2013

In flight essentials

How'd all!  It has been a while hasn't it?!  Well I have good reasons which I will not go in to as it is a bit on the depressing side.  However I am back today with my In Flight Essentials.  If you didn't know by now (I've raved on enough about it in my videos) I'm currently on a road trip in the USA!  In theory I should maybe done this post before I left the UK, but I'm a frantic packer and the idea of videoing for YouTube or blog posting had me panicking.

My final destination was Las Vegas but we (me and the Hubby) had to make a 2hour pit stop into Atlanta first. It was pretty gruelling... I'm not going to lie. When we arrived in LAS we'd nearly been awake for 24hours straight.  As it was such a long day I did pack a small array of beauty goodies to get me through it.  Below may seem a lot but it was worth lugging it all about in my carry on bag.

So the overall goodies I took were in these cute makeup bags.  The Cath Kidston (on the left) contains no liquids, just essential bits and bobs.  Airline rules state only 100ml or below can be taken on board the plane.  I put all my liquid items into this clear makeup bag (this is part of a three set of bags from Marks and Spencer).  I'll start of with the most obvious item... my tangle teaser hair brush - I say no more.

So inside the clear makeup bag I have this lot...

Tooth brush and paste
Lip balms ... Yes I have two - can never have enough
Caudalie Beauty Elixir to freshen my face in flight
Tooth harps (tooth pick/floss)
Hand sanitizer
Hand cream
Bioderma* and cotton pads
Liz Earle face moisturiser 
Some Muji travel pots with my eye cream and anti wrinkle creams
Botanics BB Cream and L'Oreal Waterproof Mascara
A few random samples from Birchbox
Underarm spray.... I don't want to smell :-)

This lot looks like a bunch of strange items and I didn't even use half of them in flight.  However I know I will need them on my return flight. My essentials are:

Food ... On domestic US flights you have to pay for all food. 
Ear plugs ... Self explanatory I think
Hair bands
My Chanel mirror
Watches and jewellery. I don't like to pack these for obvious reasons (my jewellery is in the white tin)
Minnie Mouse eye mask
Glasses case
Wet wipes and face wipes if I feel like having a mini bath on my travels.

So that's my essentials for travelling.  I hope this gave you some ideas if you are travelling soon.

What are your essentials items??

Angela xox

*PR sample

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