Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Messy hair? Try Sea Salt Spray

If like me you are one of those people after you straighten your hair it is flat and boring . . . then I may have something you may want to try.  I know straightening is obviously meant to 'straighten' the hair, but I still like a little bit of oh la la to my look.

This has been hiding out in my collection of hair products for a while and I use it now and again when I just want to create a messy look.  It is the Salt Spray by Expertise at Superdrug.

I've had this for over a year and I'm not even sure it's still available in Superdrug, but there are plenty of different versions on the market if you can't get this exact bottle.  Bumble & Bumble and Fudge are just some lurking about.

So what the spray does is simple, it gives your hair texture.  It creates that look that most people when they go to the the beach try to avoid.  The matted beach babe look you get when the sea air is blowing or you've just walked out the sea like Bond Girl Ursula Andress.

A easy-peasy process of spraying and scrunching your hair until you get the desired look.  It can be used all over the hair and it is especially good if you want to back comb the roots to get more lift.

If you want to have an up-do look that looks messy this is excellent for that too! It would look something like this . . .

Image from

Excuse the dodgy look on my face but this is a screen shot of my video which I have uploaded to my channel.  This look was created by hanging my head upside down then spraying and scrunching.

I love the beach bum look!

Below is a video I have uploaded to my YouTube channel which shows you how I apply the spray.  It also compares both sides of my hair . .  .  the left side 'without the spray' look and the right side 'with the spray'.  Be warned in the video I say texture a lot.  It's still early days in my YouTube career.  I'll figure it all out eventually.  Happy watching . . .

Have you ever tried a sea salt spray in your hair?  What are your thoughts??

Have a good day!!

Angela xox


  1. Sea salt sprays are great, I have been loving mine since I had my hair cut as I hate my hair looking too neat. Loving your youtube video's. :) xx

    1. Awwww thank you. That means a lot xxx


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