Saturday, 31 March 2012

Boots No7 Voucher - What did I get??

Now none of us can say we haven't possessed a No7 voucher at least once in our life (I'd be shocked if you told me you hadn't, especially if you're a English girl Boots-Shopaholic like me anyway).  Half the time they end up going un-used,  but this time I decided to put the voucher to good use. 

No7 have some what recently lauched their Spring Collection called Floral Brights.  I'm not normally drawn to No7, I've had a few items from the brand before but nothing that's made me feel like it was an amazing must have product.  So when I saw this in all its magnificent glory . . . I just had to touch it because it is stunning.

With its flowery 'floral' packaging the Vital Enlightening Highlighter is certainly a stop you in your tracks product. If you are taken by the the beauty of the packaging, then you'll be even more impressed especially when you open the gorgeous compact.

As for what's inside the beautiful packaging is something else which is just as amazing.  Hello beautiful!!!  A smooth lightweight luminous highlighter pressed into a matching floral shape just like the  flowery design on the lid.  To give you a glow to your face, neck and decollete ...which pretty much everyone needs after a long cold winter.

Now the finger!!!!  But hang on wait a minute . . . I shall not speak so soon - as my only slight concern after swatching is that shimmer you see in the photo only seems to be the first layer. After that, it just looks like a basic powder.  If you see the above picture I have swatched in the bottom right hand corner, now see the lack of shimmer as it's now on my finger! Hmmmm interesting.

The swatch on the hand... it looks great but this obviously has the 'top layer' shimmer so is this really what the product will look like???  Will it still be this glowing once the top layer shimmer has gone?  Who knows ...only time will tell.  But I do like this....for now.

I got £5 off with my voucher, so I got this for £8.00 - which I think is a fair price. If I'd walked past this without the voucher in my pocket and saw I had to pay the full price of £13.00 then I would of kept on walking.  Perhaps this is why my vouchers usually go to waste as I think No7 is slightly over priced??

When you get No7 vouchers from Boots, what do you buy? Do you have any No7 recommendations.

Angela xox


  1. This is gorgeous, but I have quite a few things that are similar so didn't pick it up. I ended up picking up a new face wash of theirs, a blush in natural which is really nice and their shine free primer. I usually get their nail polishes when I have voucher, but I am running out of colours I like. I would never say I am fan of No7 but I do have a lot of their products, I blame the no7 vouchers and the fact my mum works for boots.
    wow, long comment. xx


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