Sunday, 25 March 2012

My MAC Blush Collection

What a beautiful Sunday ....the sun was shining and it felt like a beautiful day.  With the clock springing forward one hour this morning I feel Spring/Summer is on the horizon. So with the beauty of Spring/Summer truly on its way I thought I'd show you my MAC Blush collection.

My small collection has a loving home in a MAC blusher palette which I got a while ago at London's Harvey Nichols MAC counter.  I'm not sure they still sell them as it was ages ago when I purchased it.  I currently own five blushes, the palette can store six blusher pans however I have yet to find 'the one' to fill the place.  So here is my blusher line up.

Dollymix (Sheer Tone Shimmer)

If you want the wow factor of a blush then this is one to check out.  It may look scary to some but this a blush that you have to use on the cautious side.  I recommend a little then build up the colour if you want more pop! Definitely a colour a colour anyone can try.  I wouldn't recommend if you own Benefit Bella Bamba or Illamasqua Hussy...they are pretty much related in one way of another.
Well Dressed (Satin)

This is the baby pink of the collection.  You don't get much colour pay off as it is so light but it is certainly buildable.  If you just want a flush of pink on your skin then I recommend a look at this.  I wouldn't check this out if you have darker skin however as it is too pale in my opinion....sorry ladies.

Style (Frost)

This is my favourite out of all the blushes I have by MAC.  It is perfect for summer and gives you a wonderful glow to the cheeks. I'd definitely recommend a swatch of this beauty.  Goes brilliantly with a tan.  This always reminds me of Benefit's Coralista...a tad similar but this one is more coral where Coralista has a slight pink hue.

Trace Gold (Sheer Tone Shimmer)

The perfect colour for your cheeks and temples in the summertime when you have a tan.  It is an usual choice but however it works. I think anyone could wear this. You could use this as a contour for those cheek bones if you wanted.

Plum Foolery (Sheer Tone Shimmer)

The name for this is a complete give away 'Plum' Foolery.  A beautiful plum colour which looks especially pretty in the autumn winter months and gives you a warmth to your face.  However I have worn this in the summer time and still looks as gorgeous!  This is my second favourite.

So that's my little collection, do you have any favourite MAC Blushes?  Do you have any recommendations? 

Angela xox


  1. I now have a few more blushes to add to my wishlist. My favourite mac blush is Melba, it a lovely matte peach blush. x

  2. Oh! You are my other half!!! I recently purchased

    -Springsheen(a looovely colourrrr...... and up until then I thought I hated peachy colours)(it makes me look so awakened and fresh, if I could find a way to describe)

    I just bought these two so I could have a pink one that I could build up the colour and a peachy one, so I could have a peachy one... thinking that I would not like it that much! And I loved springsheen more in the end!
    And imagine that me and blushes never got well, esp. peachy ones! But after springsheen, I so wanted to complete a Mac palette!
    Now I am on my way to the MAC store to buy

    -Trace Gold(I do not really know exactly why I will buy it, maybe I will put on some other blushes for a bit of glow)
    -Well dressed cause I think it is a nice colour(although I seem to prefer sheertone shimmer ones)(and I might combine it with Trace Gold on top, esp. in the summer)
    -Harmony(I think I will use it for contouring more, many do so). Or now in the summer I might wear it with Trace Gold on top of it!

    Needless to say I am thinking of completing my 6 blush palette, with a shimmery plum! And I think it will probably be plum foolery!!!!
    Cheers, my other half!!!

    1. Awww you're comment made me smile. Have fun completing your palette xx


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