Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Soap and Glory obessed!!!

I am becoming more and more obessed witht the Soap and Glory brand,  I've now got myself a nice collection of products . . . Yay!!!  Another product to add to my collection is the Righteous Butter.  Yet again I was sucked in by the Boots miniatures!  At £2.50 it wasn't too difficult to say yes to!

Your skin won't know whats hit it once you start using this!  It'll be soft and hydrated due to ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter and it will smell so yummy thanks to the classic Soap and Glory scent which lasts on the skin for ages.  The butter is thick and creamy and just has that good for your skin look and feel.  Like with most Soap and Glory items the smell is just yummy.  Packed full of scented lovelies like strawberries, peaches, rose, mandarin and jasmine - whats not to like???  Soap and Glory recommend using on damp skin and waiting for it to sink into the skin before dressing. I use this on my dry skin or just slightly damp from the shower/bath.

I intend to buy a big pot down the line and I also plan to take the smaller pot when I go away on holiday to keep my skin hydrated.  You definitely will not be disappointed with this . . . there is certainly a good reason why this product was voted the best body butter 2012 in the UK!  Luckily for my US followers, Soap and Glory is now available state side in Sephora so you don't have to miss out on all the fun!  For my UK followers, Boots is the place to hop along to  - only the bigger stores though as the smaller ones can have limited items.

Whats your favourite Soap and Glory products?

Angela xox


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  1. I recently took up epilating and I use this after and I LOVE it, it made my skin super soft after a few uses. Definately going to invest in a big pot soon!


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