Saturday, 9 May 2015

New Read | Amelia Freer - Eat. Nourish. Glow.

I have a new read to share with you, which I think you'll like.  Amelia Freer is a name I've heard quite a bit but never been very sure why her name kept cropping up.  Then I was reading a health article which was discussing new healthy eating and amazing diets -  the 5:2 was mentioned too! 

The article then started talking about Sam Smith and his new healthier look and how he lost 2 or 3 stone (I forget how much it actually is).   Long  story short it was Amelia that changed Sam's life.   Amelia is a fully qualified trained nutritional therapist. Her book covers 10 points and they all talk a lot of sense.   You eat due to boredom and the need for a distraction...  SO TRUE!! 

I'm only a couple of pages on but I can tell this will be life changing read. So I thought I'd share :-)  I will do a more in depth review when I have read more. 


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