Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sew Over It

There is nothing more appealing for me in life than creating something. Baking it,  sewing it,  knitting it, crocheting it or even  building a Ikea flat pack!  It's all fun and creative.  I've never been artist -  I could probably draw a bowl of fruit but I think that's about it. 

Last weekend I attended Sew Over It -  Intro To Sewing class.  It was a follow-up to my evening class I did a few weeks ago in April.  If you are someone who wants to get a reminder of how and what to do with a sewing machine then a class like this one is the perfect place. 

Before this class all I knew what to do was thread a machine and sew in a straight line and at a push pivot a corner.  This class you get to know fabric,  how to cut it and create lovely items.  Cushions, tote bags and makeup bags.  Zips are explained in detail -  it's not as scary as you think. 

Want to up your knowledge?  Pop along to Sew Over It!! 


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