Monday, 28 February 2011

Avon calling!!!!

I've always been a fan of Avon ever since I was a kid.  I love the fact you order it from your representative and in my case I sometimes forget I've done when it turns up on your door step it's a complete surprise :- )  I ordered these three 2 weeks ago and they just turned up tonight on my door step.

Herve Leger Femme , Matte nail polish 'Black as Night', Super Shock Gel Eyeliner

Herve Leger Femme (See above pic) ~  Such a pretty smell  and  for the cost of £15, it's great.  Lovely packaging, which looks like a Herve Leger Bodycon Dress.  This perfume looks more expensive.  The smell is not done enough justice in the Avon brochure and those silly rub and snift the pages don't show it in it's full glory.  Two squirts are enough of this, if you spray too much it does get you in the back of the throat.

Matte nail polish in Black as Night ~ Matte nails are becoming all the rage.  You can buy matte top coat polishes at Rimmel and ELF, but it's not very often you come across a coloured matte polish.  The top swatch is 3 coats.  Unfortunately you cannot get away with just one coat, 2-3 coats works just wonderfully.  One coat is far too streaky :-(  Avon do more colours all costing £5 each.

Super Shock Gel Eyeliner ~ For £5 this eyeliner can only be described as AMAZINGGGGG!!! Such a brilliant staying power and the colour is sooo pigmented.  It's blacker than black and you barely have to push the pencil to get the perfect line.  The left swatch is one swipe and the right swatch is one swipe smudged straight after application.  I feel a excellent smokey eye on the cards.  If the girls from Pixwoo recommend it, need I say more???

Have you bought anything from Avon.??  Do you like their products??

Night all ...

Angela xox



  1. I've tried the matte polish in the purple shade, it's gorgeous! I really like the look of the black matte - have been deliberating over whether to get it or not, from the looks of it I think I will be making a purchase! :) lovely post! xx

  2. I didn't know Avon had matte nail polishes. I must say I haven,t been buying anything from them since I'm not a rep anymore )=


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