Friday, 6 July 2012

Lush Lovely Jubblies Review

Ok first things first, this is one difficult review to write.  Reason being that i’d be talking about breasts but not just any breasts but about my own.  It feels kind of like a taboo subject.  I’ve been using Lovely Jubblies by Lush for a while now and I thought I’d share my thoughts on this breast firming lotion.

Firstly i like to clarify what I am working with . . . I’m not a small girl in the cleavage department. Not to boast but I’m in the DD+ region, so i wasn’t expecting miracles.  A result of pert, pointing to the sky breasts was not what i envisaged by any means. 

I took this picture when i first bought it, i have been using it. . .honest!

In my experience of using this so far, instead of seeing an affect I actually feel the affect more so.  They skin feels more toned and firmer.  Obviously it doesn't work over night, you're not instantly going to get a boob job but you do have to use it regularly to see some improvement.  This also leaves the skin very moisturised and feeling silky.  It takes a while for the skin to absorb, however when I use it I only use a thin amount so it doesn't take too long. 

The cream itself has a hit or miss scent, you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it.  I actually like this, a flowery citrus orange scent which is quite strong but it lingers on your skin after application.  When I smell this I always feel like I'm whisked away to somewhere in the far east, like Thailand or Malaysia -  it just feels exotic.  Applying to the skin it's not a thick cream like the photograph implies, it's quite thin and almost gel like in texture.

Lush mention on the pot that you may wish to by two pots if you’re ‘blessed’ in the bosom department.  Well speaking from a blessed perspective, I don’t need two.  You only need a small amount of lotion at a time so one pot is suitable unless you’re thinking of applying it twice a day everyday of the week all over yourself.  Also you don't have to use this just on your boobies, you can use it where ever you want.  I have used it also on my bottom and tummy, all those areas that just need a little help in the toning up department.

So finally once I've scrapped the last remains out of the pot, would i be running to Lush to buy more?  Certainly,  this has become part of my evening routine and I'm loving the difference this has made.  Don't let the £15.75 price tag put you off.  I know it's only 100grams but this pot will last you a fair amount of time.  It's totally worth every penny.

Angela xox


  1. I do love a good post about breasts. ;) lol. This sounds good, may have to give it a try. my lovely jubblies could do with a bit of perking up, like you I am quite large in this area. lol. xx

    1. It's completely worth looking at if you want to give your saggy parts some loving xxx

  2. I had to chuckle reading this, I have just written a post about how difficult it is to get bras for the larger lady, seems everyone is talking boobies this week :)

  3. Great review! I will check into this :)


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