Sunday, 29 July 2012

Barry M | Lip Gloss in 11

I'm not a big gloss fan, especially the sticky kind.  Your hair gets stuck to it and you basically end up eating them.  I can never really understand why people spend so much money on them?!?  So I thought I'd show my inexpensive lip gloss purchase.  Perhaps this may sway you to buy drug store instead of high end - who knows.  Meet Lip Gloss number 11 by Barry M.

At a cheap £4.49 this gloss is a great find.  remember Tanya Burr speaking about number 11 and I knew I'd have to check it out.  If a guru likes something, it is a must really isn't it???  I remember her wearing this in the video I watched and I thought at the time 'i like you . . . I must buy you!'

This peachy-coral is truly beautiful.  It has an equally beautiful scent as do all their glosses and they are not over powering.  The glosses come with a wand applicator which applies the gloss smoothly and evenly. The ultimate question 'are they sticky?' . . .  no!  They are very glossy but are not sticky in the slightest, which is fabulous.

Barry M have 10 great colours in their gloss collection.  Colours ranging from your hot pinks and coral to your basic see-through colour.  I will say one quick rant about Barry M however, why don't their products have names instead of numbers?  I know their Nail Paints do - but why not everything else? I think it is a little old fashioned to still be using the numbering system.  Lets be creative and have names please Barry!!!

Anyways, so what is your favourite gloss?  What do you recommend?

Angela xox


  1. I am wearing this gloss today, one of my faves. x

  2. your posting is very good about Barry M Lip Gloss in 11


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