Saturday, 7 July 2012

When Angela met Versace

I had the best shopping trip this week.  An unexpected one to say the least, but it was the best and I didn't have to spend a penny.  Well my hubby did I shall explain.  The story goes like this.

This week my clumsy hubby had a small accident and managed to tear his cornea.  The lining of the eye ball to those who don't know what a cornea is.  Basically hes been a blind bat all week and acting like a vampire by sitting in the dark.  When finally he felt a little better he asked if we could pop to the shopping centre so he could pick up some sunglasses.

We ended up in the Sunglass Hut in Thurrock where he picked up a pair of Oakleys for £170.  I personally would never dare spend that much myself on a pair of sunglasses.  I would on my normal glasses as I use them daily, just not sunglasses as I'm from England and the sun shine is rarely seen here.

So carrying on the story; the hubby says to the sales assistant 'I'd like a pair of those please?' to which the sales assistant replies '. . .and what second pair would you like?'  Huh???

He explains that they currently have a promotion of buy one pair of sunglasses and get the second pair for free.  Just the costs have to be equal, so you could get any pair as long as they were £170 or below.  Any higher priced sunglasses you'd have to pay the difference.

So with a gigantic smile plastered on ones face, I went hunting for a pair for myself and ended up getting my first and probably last pair of . . . drum roll please . . .  Versace sunglasses.

Cue a heavy bombardment of pictures.

The box

Opening the box to find . . . 

Sigh . . . how beautiful are these???

I'm loving the red!!

The arm detailing - so cute!

Apologies for the dodgy bathroom  pose!

So what I got is the Versace VE4218B 927/14 which actually cost £164!!!!!  I didn't have to pay more!  Does a little victory dance to celebrate!!! The Sunglass Hut sell many brands from the likes of Tiffany, Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada and Miu Miu to name a few.  You have to pick from a certain selection of sunglasses, you cannot have anything - but they have lots in the buy one get one free offer.

My suggestion is if you need sunglasses and you can visit a Sunglass Hut do it now.  Perhaps pop in with a friend or loved one to share the costs.  It's definitely worth it, it's an amazing offer.

Angela xox

FYI: The deal is only in the UK only.

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  1. wow, that is such a good offer. The glasses are gorgeous too. x


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