Monday, 16 August 2010

Sugarbomb horror!!!!

So I only got this product like 2 week ago and to my horror today as I got it out of my bag I saw this tragedy....

In the words of Usher “Oh My God!!!”

What on earth happened? I had this in my bag as I was using this like ...everyday and to my horror it completely cracked into a trillion pieces. Oh why....?!!! It’s not like I throw my handbag around like a football. I’m actually quite upset as it was a gift and I know this costs a fortune. I see no reason one this has happened. Grr!

Unless ....

It’s a design fault? This product ‘was’ made up of 4 triangle pieces placed together to make a square. My only thought about this breaking is maybe its a fault in the way this was made? Maybe it’s more likely to break because it was more fragile in the first place??? I own Hoola, Coralista, 10 and Georgia and NEVER had this happen to them. But the difference is, they are one solid piece. Perhaps that’s the reason, who knows.

Now I just don’t know what to do with it, every time I'll open the pot the contents will fly everywhere now. Do I bin it, use it as it is or break it down into a dust/pigment like blush? Help Bloggers friends, what do I do?????

~ Angela xoxo


  1. I would not be happy! I have the dandelion beauty powder even though I am not a great fan of benefit it has lasted me like 3 years without breaking, your probably right it probably is a design fault! x

  2. I would take it back! I do not rate Benefit, I think the ingredients are cheap for the prices! I have Hoola though and it's lasted like 2 years without a crack! Take it back!

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