Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Exfoliate, exfoliate with S&G

After my first Bobbi Brown session and speaking to Stephanie about my skin. Her comments about my ‘good and flawless skin’ got me thinking, I mean initially when she said this to me, I attempted the old ‘really I thought my skin was bad?’ She stood in front of me (open mouthed) and responded to me by saying ‘if you think your skin is bad, then I don’t know what the rest of the country has’. I was actually touched by her comments.
She told me that no one is prefect (which I know), no one has completely flawless face. We all have our ‘bad’ areas, redness, dryness, broken capillaries, pimples, large pores etc but take away my redness and dark under eyes.... I’m actually alright in the skin department.

I have to say in recent months I have tried to take better care of my skin. I admit I can be naughty some nights, but I’m 80% goodie 2 shoes. I was thinking that perhaps my semi-flawless skin was created with a little help from this gizmo...

Soap and Glory Face massage Mini Mitt

I purchased my little friend back in May from Boots and it has been a big part of my skin cleansing routine. One little drop/pump of your favourite skin cleanser, just add water to the mitt and your face and with circular motions rub the mitt onto your face. Then rinse afterwards. This mitt will last a life time if treated with TLC, as it is made out of rubber. See?!

See the little rubber bits to exfoliate your skin?

You get one in a pack and it costs approx. £5, which is good value. There is a small handle on the back of the mitt for you to hold on to. The only con i have about this product is when it’s wet its slippery, so with a small handle it can be hard to hold. But it doesn’t bother me that much.
I would definitely repurchase and recommend this :- )

~Angela xoxo

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