Thursday, 5 August 2010

A little help required...pls

How’d bloggers friends.  Wow 12 followers now, me so happy.  Every time I see that number go up my smile gets bigger and bigger. Yay good times.

So was wondering if you’d all help me was something??? Go on... :- )

Question to you all, what is your favourite under eye concealer?

Picture from Bobbi Brown

I am trying to find the best one out there to fight the darkness. I do have concealers...(many of them).  But I apply mine at 8am and by 1pm I’m looking a little on the dark side so I have to touch up my makeup.  Obviously on my wedding day I don’t really want to reply make up again.  So I thought i’d ask around.

So what under eye concealer would you recommend?  Please let me know, I’d be a extremely grateful :- )

And a little tip to anyone who doesn’t have dark circles .....yet!! Prevent them at all costs.  I wish I had, some days I look like I’ve had a few rounds with Mike  Prevention is defiantly better than try to cover up. Sleep, drink plenty of water and eye creams....I’m going by that motto now.

Hope you’re having a good day so far, I’m off for my second session at Bobbi Brown tonight...can’t wait.

Bye for now my blogger friends :- x

~ Angela xoxo



  1. im yet to find my HG one but I really liked the collection 2000 perfect touch or something? black lid. I'd say buy the lightest shade to reflect the most light, it works well on me and it doesnt cake :) xx

  2. Im exactly the same, whenever I get a new follower or comment i get so excited!!

    I use Rimmel Recover concealer in the lightest shade. Its lovely and creamy.

    So whens the big day?!! xoxox


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