Saturday, 28 August 2010

Me bad :0(

Right .... I was very bad...ages ago I was going to tell you what was inside this box and envelope...

I admit, I completely forgot to post the follow up and have only just remembered. Silly me.  But my live and die by saying is 'better late than never'.  That's my motto!

I bet you want to know what's in there right...??? Both these purchases were from online.  The white box is an order from a Texas based company called Hair Boutique Market Place.  I'd eyed up this gorgeous nail polish and this store seemed like the only place to sell it.  Inside the box is...

L-R : Zoya's Felicity, CHI's Keratin Mist and OPI's Apricot-cha Cheating.

I was mainly after the OPI polish as it's a pretty apricot colour, I never seen a to die for polish colour like this I knew I had to have it! Hehe.   The others items were spontaneous add into my basket moments.  And I'm pretty glad i did add them.  

The CHI product I've heard lots about it being great for strengthening your hair and giving a shine.  Well I can vouch for the reviews totally is the best item I've ever bought my hair!!!  I've basically used it every time I've washed my hair since July and my hair is showing the benefits.  It's just so ..nice!  It's a huge bottle too, 300ml.  This baby is going to last a while.  All I do is spray it into towel dried out and then blow dry.  It's lush.

The little polish on the left of the picture is a pretty baby pink shimmery polish by Zoya.  I've never had Zoya before but this polish is totally girly.  I'm hoping to do nail polish swatches for my nail polish collection post.  Coming soon.

In the teeny weenie brown envelope was these 3 amigos;

L-R: OPI's Jade is the new black, Samoan Sands, Royal Rajah Ruby 

These are all purchased from the Ebay shop Enchanted Beauty Spot.  I found this place via Lollipop26 aka Laura.  It seems to be her place to shop for OPI polish as they are cheaper than the sky high UK prices.   Samoan Sands I heard is the PREFECT nude polish.  At the time I ordered these, I was going through a nude phase hence my purchase.  The Jade is the new black.  Now I only got the Ruby colour, because I couldn't decide which Lincoln polish to get.  After dark or After midnight hmmmmmmmm? Undecided, I opted out of getting any and went for the Ruby instead.  I am a fan of the dark sexy reds, especially on my toes :-)

So that's what I got.  Just to let you know I didn't pay any UK Post Office rip off Import fees for these, they were pretty light weight :0)  That's just in case you fancy ordering for yourself.

See you later alligators ;-)

~ Angela xoxo

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