Friday, 30 July 2010

B is for Benefit

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone. The hours in the day seem to fly by in the last couple of days and I am exhausted. It probably isn’t helping with England’s semi heat wave. Anyways I hope you’re all good. I can’t believe its Friday already.

Rightyo, on to the blog post.  This is about an unexpected haul...honestly. This is totally true, I didn’t go out with the intention of getting products, it just happened – hand on heart....please please believe me. (anyways technically I didn’t buy this haul, my hubby2b did) just don’t want yous thinking I’m obsessed with buying things.

Story goes like this ...on Saturday lunchtime I was hanging around in my local Boots waiting for my appointment with Boots opticians. I was cruising the makeup aisles with my hubby2b slowly walking behind bored out of his mind. Then suddenly this pretty young thing called Elisha pounced on me. My first thought was “are we in trouble for hanging around?? Uh oh what have we done”. Then I noticed what she was apron, baby pink top and a name tag with Benefit written on it. Ooooooo!!!

Elisha said that the Benefit counter in store was taking make over bookings and was I interested? I said yes and said that I was free now if she wanted to do a makeover. After getting the OK from my bored hubby2b, we headed on over and I took my seat.

I’ve never been a massive Benefit fan. I’m not saying I hate it, I do like certain products like Powder Flarge, Hoola, 10, Coralista, their lip sticks in good to go, jing a ling and make nice. I also used to love Her Glossiness VIP Lip Glosses before they were discontinued. *sad face* , I’d be more of a fan if their products cost less £££££’s!

Elisha asked me what I'd like to concentrate on and I said my complexion. She made up my whole face (except for eyes) and i have to say i was really pleased.  Especially since one of the products was something I'd hated before.  After wards she asked if there was anything I wanted to buy from what she used one me.  And this is what I got...well my lovely hubby2b got me :- ) Yay.

Dr Feel Good, Ultra Shines Gloss, Sugarbomb & Some kind-a Gorgeous

Now the Foundation 'Some Kind-a Goregous' was the product I hated before.  I'd previously tried it about 5 years ago, used it for a while then threw away as it had no staying power.  But I have a renewed faith after Elisha said this product works better when a primer is used.  She used Benefits 'That Gal' on me.  But I didn't buy it as I have a primer from Primark for about £2.50 that looks exactly the same, so I thought I'd give that a whirl instead.  This is one that suits all and it blends with your own colouring.  There is another one for darker skin, but I think this fair one maybe too dark if you are extremely fair skinned.  It comes in this cute compact with mirror and sponge.  Very throw in your hand bag friendly. Bonus about this for me is it's oil free!! :-)

Comes with a sponge...ooooooo!

Now on to the lips; I was actually quite upset when the Her Glossiness VIP Lip Glosses were discontinued.  They were lovely non-sticky glosses that really good staying power.  There were limited colours but i loved them no matter the lack in colours.  Fortunately Benefit came back with new glosses and these Ultra Shines.  I'm usually a pink girl but this corally colour is beautiful.  It looks like a shocking orange at first but it soon calms down.  Would I buy more of these Ultra Shines. Yup.  They stay on your lips for a look while and they are not sticky.  Plus they are ultra shiny. Haha! I picked the colour Spiked Punch.

Spiked punch swatch

I'd hmmmmed and ahhhhed when Sugarbomb was first launched this year.  I'd heard that this could be easily duped using other blushers.  I did wonder how all these colours would work together, but I have to say they do. Brush this all over your face with a large brush or kabuki brush ( not the one Benefit provides, that's far too small and square) and you'll get an amazing summer glow.  I've always found that these little boxes of blush/face powder by Benefit last a life time.  I've had 10, Hoola for years and not even hit pan.
Get that summer glow with Sugarbomb 

I actually quite shocked with the Dr Feelgood product.  For years I had 'assumed' this was a lip product. Because of the Lipscription.  It looks very similar, so I put 2 and 2 together and got it all wrong.
But this little gem in a tin is so fab, I can't believe I have lived life without it for so long.....!  The tin contains a small sponge and this solid creamy complexion balm that is very good if you are prone to and oil break out.  Literally dab the sponge in and pat on your head and you have this velvety feeling and no more oily feeling. This product is also is meant to get rid of fine lines according to Benefits website.  Anything helps!
Doctor, Doctor.....

I've been using these products now for nearly a week and love them all.They are completely worth the price and I'd 99% purchase them again!!!

So I hope you liked this post. Leave any feed back with your thoughts :-) like to know if I need to improve anything etc. Oh one more thing, I’m think of a blog makeover. What do you think?

~ Angela xoxo


  1. oh, i have to admit that i'm not a big fan of Benefit either, but thanks to this post i'll maybe try the foundation and the summer glow powder!!!!

    thanks for sharing !!!


  2. I really wanna try the Dr Feelgood primer.
    When i was away i have one of those Benefit 'makeovers' and the girl used it on me. It made my skin so silky. I also liked the Foundation but wouldnt want to pay that much. I do like Benefit but agree that the prices are rather silly!! :) xx

  3. i really never looked at benefit products cause they are waaay overpriced!! but now i probably might buy some of the products you purchased since you gave them good reviews! oh and i also noticed on your sidebar it says "eyeko ambassador". how do you become an eyeko ambassador!? thats cool. lol :)


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