Thursday, 22 July 2010

And on to world domination!!!!!

Hello my little blogger friends – howz your doin’? I expect the week so far is treating you good? 

It is officially, I’m taking over the world!!!! Firstly I have this little blog (it can only get bigger, not smaller I hope) and secondly I have just posted my very, VERY FIRST You Tube video. Yippee!!!

Oh yes world domination here I come!!!! Bring it on!!  My user name is  I did a video response to a tag, Blair (aka juicystar07 / otherjuicystar07) posted on her YT channel.  And you know I thought, Why not respond :- )

The editing took me hours and I had the first 2 videos blocked for being too long.  So after even more editing, it has uploaded successfully.  I'm pleased with the final outcome.  So if you wish to see my video through You Tube, please click here!!!! 

Other news, I am now an Ambassador! Not a UN Ambassador obviously, but an EYEKO ambassador. Lets all say Yippee again!!!

As I’ve made my way around numerous blogs I’ve kept noticing this little thingy-me-giggy...

This very cool thing.  It lets people earn revenue from other people entering their  EYEKO Code when they make a purchase.  Cool huh?  So my code is E10322.  If you make a purchase from the site, I get a little comission.  Good times.  Anyone can sign up for this, definiately worth it I say :-)  I have made a small purchase from the website.  So I am counting the days until it arrives.

On a final note which has nothing to do with this post... looky what arrived for me today : - )

Christmas came early (2 out of 3 parcels)

Whats in them....ahhhh!!! Until tomorrow folks....keeping you on your toes.

Good night xoxo

~ Angela xoxo


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