Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I need a pick me up....

Boy, I am so thankful that Monday is finally over,  I had the journey from hell yesterday morning on the underground. And  I ended up having to get the river boat to work, travelling in style...  after all that ...I got into work 1hr 15 minutes late.  Bad huh???  To top it off after that I had a banging head ache all day after that.  Great...I love being me!

So on the way home I popped into MAC thinking I completely and definitely required so what of a cheer up.  Only fair I think.  I only purchased one thing.
Hue Glaze Lipstick

I am currently going through a nude phase as I did think about getting Crème de Nude, but wasn’t too sure.  I also looked at the new collection and it’s Stereo Rose Mineral blush.  Sadly Stereo Rose was all sold out. Bad times.

Want to see a dodgy lip swatch??? Pucker up Angela

 I’m liking the colour, cross between a nude, coral, light pink I think.  I might be wrong!!  Consistence is strange but nice.  I’ve never had a ‘Glaze’ lipstick before. I’m usually a Lustre kind-a-girl.

Have you ever tried this lipstick?  Are there any other nude lipstick worth trying???

~ Angela xoxo

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  1. I have Creme'D Nude and when i first got it i was really unsure. I looked like concealer in the tube but its actually a really glossy and wearable nude :) Would highly recommend xx


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