Sunday, 11 July 2010

NPOTW no.2 + OPI Gels

Hey everyone!!!!! Yay Spain won the World Cup. I’m so pleased Viva Espana. Whoop whoop!!! Anyways, so yesterday I gave myself a small treat, I had OPI gels done. Yay! It’s a reasonably new thing; it was launched March 2009 (so the lady in the beauty salon told me...)

So here are the before nails. They are pretty nice length for me and I’ve been wanted to preserve for my forth coming wedding (10 weeks left gosh...)

No polish, just plain old nails
So this NPOTW post isn’t a polish as such, more of a gel polish. I decided for a light colour. A baby pink and the lady in the salon gave me two to choose from....and the winner was OPI’s Apriotdites Pink Nightie. The system OPI use is the Axxium gel system service. It takes approximately 45-60 minutes to do. It is described as perfect for busy professionals, special occasions and holidays. - Any occasion really where you need a long lasting nail polish. OPI websites have quoted that it can last up to two weeks! Impressive.

The process for gels was something I hadn’t expected, having never had it done before. I thought you had a clear gel put on your nails then a polish applied over the top. I was surprised when I had a clear overlay gel, then a polish in gel form over the top and then a few more coats of the clear gel.
Want to see the finished you??? Here you go....
I had my nails done for £25 which is about the average price in my area.  Some salons they can cost up to £40, so I'd definitely look around for the best prices.  When the 2 weeks is up, just pop back to your salon to get the gels soaked off.

So have you tried any thing like this?

~ Angela xoxo

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  1. very pretty and natural :) xx


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