Sunday, 30 October 2011

Burn baby burn......

Now it is officially Autumn it has been time for me to dust off the candles and start burning them hardcore.  I love candles.....FACT!!!

In the bathroom when I'm relaxing in the bath.  In the living room when I'm snuggled on the sofa watching the TV.  On the dinning room table when we're having dinner.  In the bedroom to make it feel lovely and calming before bed.

Now I don't really just burn my candles in the winter months, I do it all year round....candle burning is part of the normal day for me, I do it all the time.  I especially love candles which have a gorgeous scent.  They fill the air in the room with their yummy fragrances.  I completely recommend Yankee Candles, they do lots of different sizes and scents and they can burn for a really long time.

There's another brand of candles I'm really loving which is Lily Flame.  My current favourite is Daisy Dip.

This is what the little tins look dainty and cute

If you know what Calvin Klein's perfume Eternity smells like, then you'll know what this smells like!  I could quite happily stick my nose in this pot and sniff's delicious.  The above picture is a new candle I bought as I was getting to the end of the candle I'm currently burning

On the Lily Flame website they describe this 'with a hint of grass, flowers, honeysuckle and violets'.  I describe this as CK Eternity.  My way is easier :-D *smiley face*

Prices range differently depending where you see them.  I know some John Lewis stores stock these.  They sell them at a more expensive price than I have ever purchased them (only by about a £1, but its still more money).  I pick mine up at my local garden centre,  they have a kind of 'shabby chic' section.

Have you ever bought this or any other candles from Lily Flame???

Angela xox

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