Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Jolly news and gossip!!!

Hello blogger friends,  Hope you're all well.  This isn't a beauty post more of a just to let you know the jolly gossip about me at the moment.  And basically  the reason why I've not been about.

If you haven't guess all ready I'm getting married.  And the big day is THIS WEEKEND Saturday, September 18th!!  And my life is some what hectic.  I've been off work since Tuesday trying to de-stress myself.  No one says getting married is easy.

I'm so busy getting my last minute wedding things organised, going to wedding rehearsals, packing my honeymoon suitcase...  I've not had the time or brain power to even think about posting a blog post.  Sorry to be a let down, please for give me :- )

I promise when it's all over, the normal Angela / Jolly will return!!!  So for now I thought I'd leave you all with a few crazy hen party pictures.  Well nothing too crazy haha;

Striking a pose...

Me and my mother hen, my super duper Mum!!

My best friend Claire (and bridesmaid)

Me being a fool again...and why not!!!

and lastly....
Prezzo's Banana Cheesecake...yummy!!!

So the wedding is on the 18th and then I'm off on my honeymoon on the Monday for a week.  So I'll be back and normal again hopefully by the weekend of 2-3 October.  September has basically been a non blog post month for me...can you blame me?!?

So wish me luck, and all pray it doesn't rain!  See you soon :- )

~ Angela xoxo

Oh fyi ...if you're wondering my dress is from Marks and Spencer by Porfolio priced at £29.50.


  1. Good luck

    Ill miss you blog while your away, its the best on the internet, and upre funny.

    you man is very lucky.


  2. Good Luck & Congrats, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for no rain! I'm sure your wedding day will be perfect! Enjoy your honeymoon!

  3. Awesome post :)

    Check out my blog


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