Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I like a bit of gas....

With the untimely death of my beloved Braun Gas Tongs, i thought it was time to repurchase something new and up to date. RIP Mr Braun Tongs. Cause of death, old age... they were about 10 years old and the ignition failed to work any more ;- (  sniff sniff.

My faithful Braun Tongs curled my hair like....nothing i have ever used before and when they finally went to Braun Heaven – tears nearly fell. I started to look for a new Gas Tong and on the weekend i popped into Argos Extra to pick up this beauty...

Babyliss Pro Tong RRP £14.99....200C temp... ya-hooooooo!!!

When buying items like this, please do research first before handing over any cash.  I first spotted these in Boots electrical section priced up at £19.99!!!  When i found them in the Argos Catalogue, they are shown at £14.99 – a whole £5 saving...happy days!

Now you’re probably wondering, why use gas tongs when you can use electric curling tongs?  I have electric tongs,  but i never have found ‘the one’ in terms of creating lasting curls with my hair.  I have shoulder length thick thick  thick hair,  when anyone cuts my hair i am always thrown the comment..'wow isn’t your hair thick...??’  yes i know!!!

I have always found that gas tongs create lasting curls in my hair,  i can hold the tong in my hair for 20 seconds and hey-presto  a curl has formed.  But with a GHD or a electrically tong i find it harder to create curls and especially ones that last all day.

The tongs look like this.... 

Top / middle / bottom: Tong / brush attachment/ in the case.

The positive of these gas tongs is, they heat very fast to a high temp of 200c, it is ultra light (no arm ache when curling, yayyy!!!), you can take them anywhere, and i mean anywhere.  You could climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa and still be able to curl your hair at the summit.  Need i say more.  Yes.  They are a good size, can easily put in your handbag and take to work or to a club. 

The negative part of gas tongs is they obviously will run out of gas eventually, so you'll need to purchase more cells. Extra money of course.  But the cells do last a long time.  I don't curl my hair all the time, so they will last for me.  The cells screw into the inside of the tongs at the base.  See you do get a lot of gas....

For the £14.99 price as well, the tongs include a therma cell which powers the tongs.

Do you wish to see the curls I created? Go see....

Do you like curling your hair?? What do you use?

~ Angela xoxo


  1. amazing post! i've ALWAYS wanted to try these, I think a trip down to argos is in order. your hair is so beautiful that is how i love curls! xxx

  2. great blog!

    please check out my blog and enter my giveaway :)

  3. Another brillaint and funny post :) the tongs created very pretty curles xx

  4. Looks really lovely and bouncy, i usually use my ghd's to curl my hair x


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