Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Don't throw it out....

Mend it!! 

Last August I blogged here about how my 2 week old Benefit SugarBomb exploding into a gazillion pieces.

Remember this horror scene...?
At the time I just shoved the box into my vanity draw and forgot about it.  Then recently I finished with my pot that my Laura Mercier under eye powder came in....then almost like a light bulb above my head, it came to me.  Ding dong!  Use the empty pot for my SugarBomb...genius

Empty L.M. pot, pop off the sieve part

Pour your SugarBomb into the empty L.M. pot, squish the bigger bits into a powder....

Pop the sieve part back on

Shake it up baby....with the lid on viola!!!!

Tad daaaa

My advice don't throw things out, try and make it work for you.  This broke into pieces and I didn't throw it out.  It may of taken nearly a year to figure out the answer...but I got there!

Aangela xox

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