Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lush Easter Goodies

Last week I was on a bit of a downer as I thought I’d lost my engagement ring. I sometimes take it off especially when it’s slightly warmer as my little chubby fingers swell up.  Long story short turns out my cheeky monkey of a kitten knocked it off my bed side table under the bed. Tut tut.

Any way when it was missing or stolen ( I was convinced it was)  in the time, as a cheer me up my hubby picked me up some Lush goodies.

I’ve liked lush since for ever.  I remember going to Convent Garden on our teenage ‘trips’ into London and sniffing all the bath bombs.  I always thought it was over priced however.  So I found it a little off putting....shame.  Might be about to change my thinking though.

With Easter just gone Lush came out with some seriously cute Easter theme products..... see Lush website here for full selection.

My hubby picked this duo to cheer me up....and so it did!

 How cute!?!

Fluffy Egg Ballistic with the additional Bunny Knot Wrap
Smells like the Snow Fairy shower gel  bubblegum and bananas.  Looks so cute you don't want to unwrap it.

Lush website even shows you how to create your Bunny... see here.

Mums Avobath Ballistic
This was limited edition for mothers day.  Though I am not a mother yet my hubby picked it up for me.  Contains mashed up avocados and a lemongrass scent.

I’m normally a shower girl but I may have to start relaxing with Lush goodies more frequently.

Are you a Lush fan???  I might have to go to Lush and pick up some goodies!!!

Angela xox

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