Friday, 8 September 2017

Vionic Shoe Review: Minna Ballet Flats

For starters excuse the photobombing paws above, but they are so cute I had to leave them in! Cat lover over here.

Any-ho, our poor little feet go through a battering during our lifetime don't they? They very much are used and abused and at certain stages of our lives they need a little help and support, especially during pregnancy. Vionic is shoe brand which has everything from boots, sandals, flip flops, trainers and more that has specialist technology designed by experts of all things feet.

Now you might assume that shoes designed and made by a podiatrist for chiropody and podiatry purposes might be ugly or granny like - wrong! They are actually really nice and you may be pleasantly surprised by how many styles there is to be had.

When I was given the chance to try out a pair of Vionic shoes... I couldn't say no could I? My pregnant feeties needed the help! I opted for the Minna Ballet Flats in Grey Snake* colour as I'm quite a fan of the good old ballet flat. My first impressions were 'ooo these are FANCY', as I'm so used to wearing a cheap pairs of Primark shoes. You could instantly see the quality in these shoes. 

Made from durable materials with a faux snake skin pattern and the bow detailing on the leather toe cap - these are FAR from granny like I can tell you now! There is a firm yet flexible rubber sole that has the perfect grip, which is fab considering we're heading to the wetter months of the year.

Orthotic technology is high on the agenda with these shoes. They feature FMT technology, a biomechanic removable evaluated foot bed support that will help with the natural alignment of the foot. Because it is removable, on days where you might not feel up to having the extra support - all you got to do is remove the foot bed. They also come with a deep heel to help with support and stability - no more excuses for falling over.

It may feel kind of strange at first wearing the shoes with the support which I discovered. If you're used to wearing a certain style of shoe, then wearing a pair of Vionic's for the first couple of times might seem uncomfortable. However you will soon adapt and they will feel like a dream to put on your feet. As I'm used to putting on flat flip flops or ballet pumps to begin with these felt a little odd, however I got used to them after a few wears out and about.

Another great thing about Vionic is they also sell half sizes, so if your feet are not the standard size then not to worry Vionic have got your back or your foot should I say?!

If you want to browse the digital aisles of what Vionic have to offer (and there is a lot trust me) well the link is HERE.

Angela x

* AD/PR Sample (All opinions are my own as always!)


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