Monday, 4 September 2017

Hello September

Wow it's September. The month of change, so I thought a little life update was in order.

It feels like it has taken ages to get to September and now it is finally here. I love September, it is the change in the air as it gets nippier. The leaves on the trees changing from the lush greens to the oranges and burnt reds. The nights draw in and the need to put the central heating on becomes a real thing!

September also marks the time our bubba is nearly due, which to be honest scares the shit out of me. I want to meet baby, but its the in-between stage that doesn't really feel me with the joys of spring. I feel like a ticking bomb. We are basically ready and waiting for little one to decide to pop out whenever it wants to. I just hope I don't go to over due as I don't want to be induced. Eek.

Another change happening this month is that I am finally being made redundant from my job on the September 29th. Myself and colleagues first got told back in February and now it's officially D-Day looming over the hill at the end of the month. It's different for me as I'm obviously on maternity and I haven't had to stay at work until the end as such. It will be weird when my maternity leave is over next year, as I won't have a job to go back to. I've never not had a job before and I am already being asked when I go back what is my plan. Let's have my baby first before we give that a thought.

Angela x

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