Thursday, 31 August 2017

Prepping My Bits With My Expert Midwife

As D-Day looms ever closer, the affects that labour will have on my body is at the forefront of my mind. The pain part doesn't freak me out as such, as that's a given really. It's more the thought of the physical affects on my body afterwards. For instance tearing or being cut down there in my lady garden area - crosses legs and shudders! The thought of tearing down there is more on my mind than labour itself. I know there is going to be some kind of 'damage' if you want to call it that - I mean we are attempting to squeeze a grapefruit sized head out of an opening a tad smaller. It's not going to be easy.

My Mum suggested to me a few months ago about perineum massage to prep myself - yes we talk about all kinds of random things... lol!  This is a technic where you massage the skin between your vagina and bottom. Now you might think ewww about massaging down there, but I kind of like to think whatever helps right? I searched for different brands and went to Boots to have a look, but then while on instagram one day I came across My Expert Midwife. A company created by experienced midwives Claire and Lesley which I like, as they know what us ladies wants and needs are - especially down there!

I noticed they sold a oil for perineum massage called Peri Prep Your Bits, a natural based oil to help promote suppleness and elasticity of the perineum skin. You can do daily massage down there from 34 weeks. Now your probably thinking how would long would the 30ml bottle last if you're using it every day to every other day? Don't worry - there is a specially designed lid which controls the flow of the oil so you cannot waste it. A nice touch.

As well as the Peri Prep Your Bits they sell a small range of other products from nipple balm, stretch mark lotion and a spitz spray for your bits to help soothe them after birth. You can visit My Expert Midwife website HERE and browse their Pre and Anti-natal goodies. I also order the Spritz Your Bits after birth spray which I'm looking forward to trying out when the time comes.

Did you do anything to prep yourself down there for labour?

Angela x

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