Sunday, 6 August 2017

Well It's Official...

I have started my maternity leave. The Friday before last was my last day at work. A company I have worked for for 11 years. Some have said I have been lucky to be made redundant at the same time I have gone off on maternity leave, but it really hasn't been easy to say goodbye. Lets say it was a tad emotional and I did sob like a baby when I finally got home. There was cake, balloons, tears, speeches and lots of hugs. I'm really going miss some of the people I have worked with for so long.

Now I'm on my month long rest before bubba turns up, I have a little list of things I want to do in that time.

Getting Out And About
I am determined not just to sit at home the entire month until baby arrives. I want to try and see and do things even if it's just walking my cousins dog for some gentle exercise. Swimming is also something I want to do, all depending if my swimming costume still fits lol! I'm up for anything really, I just don't want to get cabin fever. I'd quite happily pop to the seaside, visit a garden centre... I don't know... anywhere. 

Gardening And Cleaning
Yes, I should be resting but the weather has been nice on the some of the days so far. I'm the gardener of the family and I know once baby has turned up, I'm quite unlikely to care what the garden looks like for a while. I need to get out there and give it a little TLC. I'm also in clean everywhere and everything mode. Again I should be resting, but there is always something to be done. I know no home is perfect, but I want mine to be. If I could have a 60 minute make over on my hall way and my bathroom I would be one happy lady - sadly I cannot. I've tried to keep myself busy by cleaning and decluttering anything I no longer need or want. Wiping down the shelves in my kitchen cupboards, deep cleaning the bathroom you name it... I want to give it a go - plus its exercise again.

Pampering Myself
I got my barnett chopped the other day which felt good - no split ends for the birth! I also got my eyebrow threaded, so at least I will look semi good for our pictures once the baby arrives. I'd love to fit in another massage like the one I had at The Dorchester, but I'm not sure when to try and squeeze that in. I think a few Lush bath bomb baths will be on the cards!

Babys crib has now arrived, so that needs to be made up. I want to make it up myself as it will be something to keep me occupied. The pram and a electric swing also need assembling, but we're going to wait to do this until about a week before my due date. They are quite big items and they'll just take up space other wise and get dusty.

I've finally finished washing all of bubba clothes and bedding. I feel quite happy now because of that, due to the fact I don't have to think about it now. And all the clothes done and ready to be worn and vomited on - haha. Now they are washed I need to pop them all in the drawers in the nursery. This will take sometime as the clothes vary in ages and will need sorting. I can't wait.

I have piles of bits for mine and babys hospital bag, so I need to get round to packing them both up. I feel like I have so much stuff to pack, almost like I'm going on a two week holiday. I'm probably really over packing. I think I need to do a little research on what to take for us both :-)

Now that's what I'm up to... what have you been up to on your maternity leave?  What bits and bobs did you do?

Angela x


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