Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Beauty Bits I'm Always Repurchasing

You know you love something if you always go back for more - bit like me and Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream or Oreos. You can't just have it once! There are some beauty bits and bobs that I always buy or gravitate back to... staples that I use again and again.

There are two themes for a few of the items I'm always repurchasing and it's Superdrug and cruelty free. The main reason why I love Superdrug and their own brand products is because they do not test them on animals and this is something I'm really quite passionate about.  I have a few Superdrug items that I always buy, but I thought I'd share my top three.

Firstly there are the Essential Cleansing Wipes which are not only great, but super cheap. I used to be a die hard Simple wipe fan, but since I started to go cruelty free with my beauty products I had to find an alternative. For a while I bought the Yes To Grapefruit Wipes, but these were a little more than I wanted to spend.  Then I discovered the Essential Wipes.  They keep moist for ages, you never get that annoying bone dry wipe at the bottom of the pack and at 99p per pack... well you cannot go wrong can you?

The next two items I love from Superdrug are from the Vitamin E Skin Care range.  When micellar waters first became a 'thing', I was into the Bioderma and Garnier ones. Then I found the Vitamin E Gentle Micellar Solution and have been using that ever since.  I love to use it as it removes all the makeup on your face including stubborn mascara, but it doesn't strip your skin and make it feel dry. It helps with environmental damage and premature skin ageing which we all want right?!

The other Vitamin E item I've been enjoying is the Moisture Boost Facial Serum.  I've only just purchased my second bottle as the first one lasted forever, even when I used two to three pumps morning and night! I sometimes find thick moisturisers a bit too thick and they take too long to be absorbed.  The facial serum is the best product to use if you're putting your face on in a hurry and haven't got time to sit and wait for it to sink in.  It's really light and silky and I just love it.

Another goodie I'm always picking up are cotton pads and my favourites come from Primark. Cotton pads are just something I hate sending lots of my pennies on.  When I saw Primark bring out their own version a few years ago now, I firstly thought they are going to be crap because they were cheap at 50p per pack. Ha, how wrong was I.  These are actually really good quality and I have bought too many packs to remember how many I've actually bought.  They are quite strong and don't just fall a part like some brands out there.

The final product I want to gush about is for the eyes. Your eyes always show the first signs of ageing and I've been into eye creams and serums for years because of it. I want to look as young as possible for as long as I can. Years ago I used to love the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream.  Even though I love it, it's expensive and not cruelty free so I had to say goodbye. I then found Dr Organic Rose Otto Serum which I first fell in love with the back in 2015 when it came free with Healthy magazine.  I even blogged about it HERE.  The rose scent can be a little strong, but you get used to it.  I like that a tube lasts forever as you don't need a lot of product.  I also like that it doesn't take ages to sink into the skin, which is what you need if you planning on dolling yourself up with makeup.

That's it folks and I hope you enjoyed my little beauty loves post.  Fancy sharing your loves?  Comment below!  Until next time.

Angela x


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