Sunday, 2 September 2012

Estee Lauder ~ Sensuous Nude

I own a lot of perfumes - too many to many to be honest . . . I am a bit of a magpie for them!  However I dare say there is another girl out there with more than me so in the end it doesn't make me feel too bad!

One of my go to scents at the moment is the Sensuous Nude parfum spray by Estee Lauder.  Don't get this confused with the other Estee Lauder Sensuous fragrances (there is also Sensuous and Sensuous Nior) this is the Nude version.

The bottle

When describing perfume smells I am terrible, I'm hardly a genius at it unfortunately.  Beautiful is how I would describe it essentially.  But i will say it has a warm smell which is kind of feminine and woody - musky if you prefer but not too strong.  Not to sound silly but the name I think fits this perfectly,  it does feel sensuous on the skin.  I feel like I would be quite happy to literally wear just this perfume if you know what I mean.  A strange way to describe it but it just feels like how your skin would or should smell.

If you are a fan of sickly sweet girly smells then Sensuous Nude will not be for you.  I feel like this is more for a mature late 20's early 30's woman.  It is quite a subtle smell which lasts on the skin for around 2 hours (not long sadly) so it does need a top up through the day.  This is probably the only negative that it doesn't last all day :-(

I love the packaging as well with its rose gold cap and light pink bottle.  There is also ribbing on the back of the bottle in a sensuous curve shape. . . a very pretty bottle to have on any ladys dressing table!

What's your go to fragrance??

Angela xox

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