Monday, 24 September 2012

J' Adore Bobbi Brown

Ever since I went to Bobbi Brown and had my wedding makeup session, I have fallen in love with the brand. Before the bridal session I had little experience with her products. All I had previously was her Bronzer Shimmer Brick and Tinted Moisturiser – both great products I might add! But if I was asked who I’d swear by I’d have to say Bobbi, I admit I’m still a die hard MAC fan, but now I’m swinging towards Ms B.B. much more. Yes her products are slightly more expensive, but hey she’s 100% worth it.

If I had to recommend one product that I’ve been using by B.B. it would have to be the Hydrating Eye Cream.

At £29.00 a pop, yes it’s expensive but you use such a teeny weenie amount the price tag will seem like nothing. For a 28 years old, I don’t look too bad in the eye department, but age, hereditary saggy eyes and near constant squinting at a computer screen all day doesn't do my eye area any good!

The Hydrating Eye Cream is quick-absorbing and literally melts into the skin.  It leaves the skin soft and refreshed and just makes the under eye more moisturised, something I seem to lack.  I use this morning and night.  It is great for helping correctors and concealers stay on for longer.  I have really noticed the difference my under eye, it just feels and looks smoother.

The pot may seem tiny, but this product will last you forever.  You need such a small amount (in the picture above the amount I have on my finger will be enough for both eyes!)  What I will say is the product has a 6 month shelf life . . . according to the box - well it's a lie.  I had my recent pot for 2 years and the cream was fine as I checked with a B.B. sales assistant.  Just because the box says 6, 12, 18 months doesn't mean it correct - it's just there for guidance.  Just give it the sniff test!!

What is you favourite eye cream?

Angela xox

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