Saturday, 29 September 2012

I wish I was American! #3

Roller balls!  Yes a roller ball perfume is the reason why I wish I were an American!  Sad . . .but true!  I think the person who invented the roller ball perfume was a genius.

The UK just doesn't seem to of jumped on the band wagon yet of using roller balls.  They still seem to use bottles like the ones in my Big Pony Club post. Rollers are so much more handy as you're unlikely to spill them and you can easily refill them.


The perfume I have here is Vera Wang Princess, which I got in Sephora in Chicago.  A beautiful scent but expensive if you want to buy the full size bottle.  I have lots of full sized bottles so its nice to have smaller ones, which are more likely yo be used.

I think the roller ball is an excellent idea if you don't know I'd you'll love a perfume but simply just want a smaller version for travelling or a handbag.

So if I were Prime Minster...forget cheaper rail fare requests.  I'd be bringing in the roller balls!

Angela xox


  1. I got a roller ball perfume recently in L'Occitane and I've got a Trish McEvoy and Diptyque one x

  2. I really wish we could get roller balls over here too. x


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