Tuesday, 18 September 2012

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse... the pinks!

Way back in April I treated myself to one of the new (at the time) L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks in Dating Coral.  Since April, Dating Coral has not left my handbag - it has become a permanent fixture in there.  As I love Dating Coral so much I thought I'd pick a few more to bring home to keep it company.

Cheeky Magenta and Lovely Rose

I love pinks and these two are very wearable.  Cheeky Magenta is much more a brighter hot pink compared to its softer rosy pink friend Lovely Rose.  Due to their sheerness you never get a bold lip but more a soft delicate look which I think is more appealing than the plastered on lipstick look. I think they are very wearable and you can apply them almost like a balm without a mirror.  It's easy peasy!

L-R lip swatches : Lovely Rose and Cheeky Magenta
L-R hand swatches : Cheeky Magenta and Lovely Rose (natural and flash lighting)

These two lipsticks like Dating Coral catch the light beautifully and look very natural.  There are so many good things I could say about them, I think they are excellent and really worth the money.

The Rouge Caresses are pretty much a duplicate of the Revlon Lipbutters in my opinion.  They look the same on the lips and have a similar price tag, but I always feel more drawn to these.  Especially the packaging, I just think it looks more posh and mature compared to the cheap looking Lipbutters.  But never the less I still love them too but just love the Caresses more!

Have you tried any of the Rouge Caresses yet?  What's your favourite?

Angela xox

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