Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Small Avène Haul

This week I was told something that surprised me and thought could never happen to me.  Apparently I have dehydrated skin.  Who knew?!?

I've always had oily combination skin and never really thought I could get dry skin due to that.  How wrong was I??  So this in mind, I wanted to treat myself to an intense face moisturiser, which will hydrate hydrate hydrate.  Plus I bought a face scrub just because basically.

The brand I decided to spurge on was Avène.  I wanted to spend a little bit more money on a brand I knew had a excellent reputation. I picked up the Gentle Purifying Scrub, the Rich Compensating Cream and the Rich Hydrating Cream.

Gentle Purifying Scrub - LINK
This is a micro-beaded scrub which makes my face feel like a babies bottom.  The name is a give away as it's gentle which is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.  It has a gel like consistency which is pleasant on the skin.  I feel like this remove all the unnecessary impurities from my skin and just leaves me the that smooth base you get after a facial.

Rich Compensating Cream - LINK
If you have dry sensitive skin this will be perfect for you to try.  This has a smooth rich texture which I prefer to use at night before bed, so it will soak in over night.  However it can be used in the AM if you wish (I prefer to use the RHC in the AM - see below).  Full of plant based ingredients which helps protect against ageing and free radicals, this will restore your skins natural protection barriers.  You'll look young - forever like me ;-)

Rich Hydrating Cream - LINK
The full name of this is Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream (what a mouth full??) This is partially excellent if you have very very dry skin.  This also works great if you have sensitive skin as it's gentle. I like to use this in the AM before applying makeup as it's lighter in consistency plus it has SPF 20 to protect my skin from UVA and B.  This also contains Avène's famous Eau Thermal Spring water for added hydration.

These are high quality items and all three have no yucky fragrances. If you plan to use the Compensating Cream in the AM, you'll need to give it a while to soak in before foundation application. The scrub can be used daily if you wish and Hydrating Cream absorbs fast into the skin which is great.

If you're in the market for new goodies, why not give these a whirl?


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